Improve your emotional intelligence and boost your career

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

If you’ve read our previous article on the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, you’ll know that the statistics speak for themselves when it comes to EQ. This is because research shows that emotional intelligence is one of the most important factors in maintaining successful relationships – both personal and professional.

Employees with highly developed emotional intelligence, or EQ, are far more likely to be successful in their careers, professional working relationships and personal lives. Did you know that 90% of top performers have high levels of EQ? And can expect to earn $29,000 more annually than employees with lower levels of EQ? These individuals are also more effective when it comes to handling conflict, performing well under pressure, and leading and managing teams – all of which are very desirable traits for an employee.


Fortunately, your level of emotional intelligence can be developed and improved over time. As with other soft skills in the workplace, such as active listening or effective communication, you can learn how to develop and use your EQ, to improve working relationships and help keep your emotions in positive balance.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As Travis Bradberry, author of the best-selling book ‘Emotional Intelligence 2.0’, explains,  “emotional intelligence is the other kind of smart.” When you start to develop your EQ, you’ll notice a greater ability to monitor your own and others’ feelings and emotions – and to use this information to guide your thinking and actions.

Have you ever worked with someone who seemed to know exactly what was needed in any situation? It may have been a colleague who instinctively knew if you needed some alone time. Or a manager who could always sense when you needed a little extra support.

These people most likely had high levels of EQ. Because social awareness and empathy are a large part of emotional intelligence, these kinds of employees and managers bring a comforting and comfortable presence to the workplace. They know how to recognize and manage their own emotions, without becoming overwhelmed by them, and are therefore able to be more productive, effective and happy workers.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence Through eLearning

Keen to get started on developing your own levels of EQ? Why not start by learning more about emotional intelligence in the workplace, through the short online course Emotional Intelligence.

During this interactive eLearning course, you’ll learn how to improve and use your emotional intelligence for better workplace outcomes. The course will give you an insight into the different elements that combine to form emotional intelligence. While there are various approaches and theoretical models associated with emotional intelligence, there are four fundamental ways you can develop your EQ and boost your career:

  • Self-awareness – recognizing and identifying your emotions, reducing their intensity and allowing you to manage emotions more easily
  • Self-management – learning that your emotions and behavior come from you, not from anyone else, and you are responsible for them
  • Social awareness – paying close attention to how you’re interacting with others, through body language, active listening and asking questions
  • Relationship management – developing the ability to listen, empathize and respect others to build positive working relationships.

As you can see, by taking this course you’ll be on your way to becoming a much happier and more successful employee. You’ll feel more confident, empowered and effective in your actions and relationships, with these positive benefits also overflowing into your personal life.

Everyone, at all levels of an organization, will benefit from taking this short eLearning course. Enrol today, and get started online, all in the convenience of your own home – in just 30 minutes!

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