How HR managers can turbocharge the recruitment process

John Sherman

People power is one of the single most valuable assets that any company will have. In order to help a business flourish, the people working there need to be the right people who are committed to taking your business forward. This includes everybody in your organization from those in a senior management positions to temporary workers.

Considering the importance of getting the right people for the job, there is quite a bit of pressure on the HR department to get it all just right. The best HR departments have bulletproof procedures to help make their recruiting efforts as effective and efficient as possible. Here are just a few examples of how you can turbocharge yours.

Make the Job Attractive

According to Forbes, 75% of recruiters are struggling to recruit fully qualified personnel. One reason could be down to how vacancies are being advertised. You may be offering the best job in the world, but you’re unlikely to get the response you’re hoping for if it isn’t advertised in a way that makes it attractive to the ideal recruits.

What makes a job attractive is not only about the role, title, and salary—there’s a great deal more that people take into consideration. What are the working conditions like? What flexibility will they be allowed in their role? What additional training will they receive? Will they get the opportunity to learn from leaders in the business…the list of additional factors that can make even an otherwise mundane role a good proposition is endless.

In order to really attract the best talent, find out what people are looking for when applying for positions. You can then adjust the role and the additional benefits associated with it, helping to make the job a much more attractive proposition. Remember also to make it absolutely clear what benefits are available when advertising the job so the best prospects know that it is a great opportunity for them.

Select the Right People

While it’s essential to have a team in place, it’s perhaps more important to have the RIGHT team in place. Rushing into hiring decisions and appointing the wrong person because you need to get SOMEBODY in place can be very counterproductive and hinder your productivity. If you do have the wrong person in place for a role then you could run into problems and the rest of your workforce could be adversely affected. You may also end up having to go through the time and expense of recruiting for the vacancy again.

Spend a little more time, effort and perhaps even expense in getting it right the first time and you could save yourself a lot of inconvenience and expense in the future. Recruit hastily and on the cheap, however, and you may well end up regretting doing so.

Strike a Balance between Experience and Talent

Recruiting an experienced candidate that has ’been there’ and ‘done that’ is a good way to help ensure that a job gets done. Sometimes though just getting a job done is not enough and what is really needed is somebody that can bring fresh ideas to the workforce if you are to stay ahead of the competition.

Many very talented prospects get overlooked for more experienced candidates in the recruitment process, and this could be to the loss of the recruiter. While you are recruiting the experienced candidates that are adept at getting the job done in tried and tested ways, your competitors can be snapping up those that bring innovation and variety to your company.

Ideally, you should try to find the right balance between experienced candidates that know the ins and outs of running an organization as yours with fresh talent that can help you shake things up with new ideas and approaches.

Don’t Keep Them Waiting

While it’s important to not be too hasty in making recruitment decisions, it’s equally as important that you don’t keep potential candidates waiting for too long. Many job applicants, particularly the better ones, will have other options available to them so if you drag your feet for too long then they may end up working for the competition.

If you are losing candidates to competitors during the recruitment process then you may need to look at your process to see whether or not it can be streamlined. Are parts of the process being duplicated, perhaps there are too many departments involved, or is there unnecessary bureaucratic tape slowing things down?

Undertake a review of your recruitment process and you could not only help to find ways to speed up the process, but also ways to enhance the process to improve the quality of recruitment. With a sleek and efficient recruitment policy in place, you are ready to build a team that can help to take your business to the next level.

Firing Can Be Just As Important As Hiring



It’s never an easy thing to have to tell people that they are no longer needed, but it is sometimes necessary. It’s important to remember that an unruly or inept member of the team can affect others, and it would be unfair to those that do contribute if they are adversely affected through no fault of their own. In cases where you have exhausted all possible procedures yet there is still no sign of improvement, it would be best to replace the person from the position and focus on ways you can turbocharge your recruiting to find a more suitable person for the role.


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