How to monitor team performance through training

John Sherman

There’s always an expectation of good teamwork in the office – but are your employees really working together?

Think about it:

There’s a lot of stress put on attaining the right education and experience for a job. But one of the most important traits you can possess is an aptitude for teamwork and having the ability to interact and collaborate with other people in the workplace.

So, why is team performance that important? Well, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how talented you may be, you still need a team of hard-working employees to make success happen for you.

For example, Richard Branson has the creative mind needed for amazing ideas, but it’s the teamwork practised by his dedicated employees that helps him keep his massive brand a success.

Teamwork allows for employees to come together to apply their mix of skills to a situation, which is why two heads are always better than one. This means the team can solve problems easier than they would on their own and generate new ideas that can progress and develop into something bigger.

In addition, employees can receive the support they need from their fellow colleagues, as well as learn from each other in the process. Communication is a great thing and something you need in the office – teamwork is a way to enhance this communication.

On a personal level, teamwork is a way for new employees to bond and make friends with their new office colleagues. They can come together and share their opinions and, in the process, enjoy conversations with the people they work with. We all know that happy employees are more productive employees.

Of course, there’s a big difference between a group of people working alongside each other and a team that works with each other. A team should depend on each other and not have their own agenda – they should work together to achieve a common goal.

So, how can you make sure there is effective team performance in your business? Well, you’ve got to monitor it carefully. The importance of teamwork can’t be underestimated and the only way to know it’s working is by testing your employees.

Let’s be real here. Not every team and group of individuals is going to work well together. Certainly, not without some help. So, you’ve got to see what’s happening first before you can provide the help and direction that everybody needs.

After all, the growth and success of your business is dependent on the effective teamwork of your employees.

Online Learning Guides the Way

So, you want to monitor your team performance, but you don’t know how to do this? Well, you don’t want to seem like you’re spying on your employees and end up causing disruption in their brainstorming and meetings.

But, the great thing is you don’t have to upset the status quo. Instead, there are effective ways you can monitor team performance without interfering with everyday business. It all starts with the simple method of employee training.

Just like any other skill, effective teamwork can be learned by employees over time, with a mix of education and practical scenarios. You’ve just got to provide them with the training materials that they need to get started.

So, this is where online learning comes into play. There are lots of e-learning courses out there that specialize in teamwork and focus on building your team up.

The great thing about these e-learning courses is that they can be accessed on your employee’s own device and completed at a time when they learn best. This allows for maximum engagement and better learning all about teamwork.

Plus, e-learning courses are a lot more interesting than traditional forms of training. They use bright colors and funny videos to grab the attention of the audience, as well as use fun games and testing quizzes to keep employees on the ball.

What employee is going to say no to learning and playing games?

Monitor Everything with Online Learning

You might be thinking - how can I effectively monitor team performance when I’ve left my employees to their own devices?

Well, employees may be able to complete the e-learning courses whenever and wherever they like, but the results that they achieve aren’t kept a secret.

The best way you can monitor team performance is by keeping up-to-date with their scores and who is completing what training. E-learning courses provide you with tools where you can monitor all of this information for every one of your employees at the touch of a button.

It’s not like traditional methods of training where you go around different groups and observe. At the end of the day, employees know you’re there, which means they aren’t showing their true colors and how they actually work together every day in the office.

But, with online learning, you’ve got to know your stuff and this means you can see everyone’s capabilities and weaknesses so everyone can move forward and progress together.

This means that if someone hasn’t completed their teamwork training, you’ll be able to chase them up about it. Plus, if someone has performed well and knows their stuff, you can have faith that they’re a good team worker for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? You can make sure your employees are effectively performing as a team with the help of online learning. The monitoring tools open to you allow you to see authentic results on everyone’s capabilities and see who is doing well and who needs some extra help along the way.


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