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How to improve the impact of compliance training

Listen to Learning Strategy Expert Michelle Ockers speak about the impact of compliance training and how L&D teams can improve this within their own organisations.
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Seems like the age-old question - how can we improve the impact of compliance training within our organisations to achieve better business outcomes?  

If the past 12 months have been indicative of anything, it's that L&D has a unique opportunity to leverage digital learning, to look at how we're tackling compliance training and to do things we haven’t previously thought about for compliance training. Things move fast in this new era of digital adoption, so what can we do to stay ahead of the curve?

Emma Bamford, Go1's Product Marketing Manager, was recently joined by Learning Strategy Expert Michelle Ockers to address some of the common challenges organisations face when it comes to compliance training. During their conversation they spoke about how L&D can think differently about compliance training, providing practical tips on how to improve the impact of compliance training and add business value.  

Check out some of our favourite highlights below. 

What challenges do L&D face with compliance training?

Increasing effectiveness, enhancing learner experience, and improving efficiency - these are the three common challenges L&D face when it comes to compliance training.

The good thing is, there's actually quite a lot L&D can do to address those three challenges. Michelle explains more below: 

How can technology be used effectively to improve the impact of compliance training? 

Technology gives L&D a massive opportunity to get creative, not just with eLearning but beyond.

What does success look like for compliance training?

Hint - what it doesn't look like is people just completing courses. 

L&D teams often get fixated on increasing their completion rates. But just because someone's completed a course, it doesn't actually tell you anything about impact.

Being aware that things can shift as well and understanding what's currently impacting your organisation, addressing the real issues and problems, and identifying real improvement opportunities rather than just “getting it done” is where L&D will really start to see impact their compliance training.  

Michelle’s top three tips for improving compliance training

Put simply,

  1. Adopt a business-first mentality
  2. Content, content, content! Target it well, make it engaging, and make it relevant
  3. Be willing to challenge the status quo and think differently about compliance training

If you want to do compliance training well, you won't just set and forget it. How you design compliance training to make it engaging and high impact, that's what really counts.

Keen to continue thinking differently about compliance training and hear more L&D insights from Michelle? In this blog, Michelle analyses L&D's relationship with compliance training and explores how thinking habits can influence our compliance training decisions.

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