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How to boost your creativity at work

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Everyone has the potential to be creative in their own unique way. However, some people are much better at expressing their creativity, particularly in the workplace.

In a team environment, it can sometimes be difficult to speak up and voice your creative ideas. Or explain tricky concepts to colleagues in a group setting. At other times, it can simply feel like your creativity is being blocked, and you can’t quite find the words to express an idea – even to yourself!

If you’re struggling to unleash your creativity at work, it’s likely that something is getting in the way. Whether you feel nervous speaking up in group settings, are conscious of receiving negative feedback, or are just having trouble expressing your ideas, you don’t want these difficulties to hold you back.

Fortunately, it’s possible to overcome these kinds of barriers to creativity and improve the way you express your creative ideas in a team environment.

Unleashing your creativity

Regardless of your job role or industry, knowing how to enhance and express your creative ideas is an invaluable skill. This short online course, by Skillsoft, has been specifically designed to help you do just that, boosting your creativity at work.

In 30-minutes, the Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity course explores the personal barriers to creativity that can be experienced in the workplace. You’ll be presented with clear strategies for overcoming these barriers while enhancing your creativity.

You’ll learn about the key requirements for promoting creativity in a work environment. And look at the importance of various personal characteristics of creative people.

Take a look at these traits, which are commonly found in creative individuals:

  • Being open-minded
  • Open to possibilities and opportunities
  • Curious about their surroundings
  • Receptive to new ideas
  • Able to tackle problems in a unique way.

As you can see, all of these personal characteristics are things that can be expanded upon and developed.

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Expressing creativity in a team environment

This eLearning course will also present you with proven techniques for fostering creativity in teams, such as brainstorming and role-playing.

For managers and team leaders, the course will help you learn how to create a safe space for employees to share and contribute ideas. This will go a long way in helping to foster a more creative work environment, with confident and inspired team members.

Putting in the time to understand the barriers to creativity, and how to help individuals overcome these barriers, will bring greater benefits to your organisation as a whole.

By the end of this course, employees will have learned:

  • Solutions for overcoming personal barriers to creativity
  • Techniques for enhancing creativity, with examples of how to execute them
  • The characteristics that foster team creativity in a work environment
  • How role-playing helps teams generate creative ideas

As the course narrator says, “creativity exists in everyone – sometimes it just needs a little coaxing to come out!”

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