How to be successful from failures

John Sherman

If you sat down with some of the most successful people on the planet, you would learn that they experienced a lot of failures along their journey. Through challenges and disappointments, they gained tremendous insight and knowledge. Instead of giving up, they turned their failures into incredible success stories. You can do the same thing. One of the best options is to take advantage of online education and training.

With easy access to a computer and the internet, combined with the dedication of time and focus, you will be on your way to turning failures into successes. No matter what field you currently work in or want to enter, there are thousands of online videos, courses, and articles to help you with your journey.

A Positive Mindset

To learn from past mistakes and failures, start by adopting the right mindset. Instead of seeing unfortunate situations as a reason for giving up, use them to push you forward. Take all the negativity to challenge yourself. Having a positive mindset will allow you to prove to the world that you will not give up. Instead, you will use your hardships to make you and your career better.

Take Action

Now that you have newfound determination, you need to set things in motion. Regardless of the work you currently do or want to do, online education and training is an excellent way to succeed. What makes that so exciting is that you can work on courses while on your lunch break or in the comfort and safety of your home. With this flexibility, you work toward your goal at a pace that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Achieving Success

  • Persistence – When it comes to turning failures into successes, persistence is among the most critical aspects. Not only will it help you reach your goal of learning, it will also teach you how to push through challenges along the way, the very things that caused you to fail in the first place.
  • Time Management – Although you can work at a comfortable pace while learning online, you still need good time management skills. You cannot procrastinate nor try to learn without focusing. For you to fully use online training videos and courses, it is essential to set up a schedule so that you can dedicate your time to working toward success
  • Communication Skills – While you might not think that you need good communication skills when using online resources, you do. There will be times throughout the process that you come upon something you need help with, which means you need to reach out to the right person. Perhaps not communicating well was one of your failures. Make it a point to have mentors or trusted individuals you can turn to when you feel stuck or even unmotivated.
  • Motivation – If you want to succeed rather than keep failing, you need to stay motivated. Conduct online research or read biographies of other people just like you, those who had to work through issues to get where they are today. Along with feeling motivated, you will more than likely pick up some important pointers.
  • No Distractions – As a parent, choose a time of the day when your partner, grandparent, friend, or neighbor can take care of your kids, or wait to study while they sleep. Also, make sure you have a quiet environment, void of music, television, and so on. The more you focus on the course, the easier you will learn.

Take Charge

A great example is a website called The Point that launched in 2016. This site served as a “meeting space” where people could come together to solve a variety of problems. Although the concept was excellent and the endeavor had incredible support, it lost nearly $1 million within the first year.

Most people would see that as a failure, but not Andrew Mason, the person who created the site. Instead of giving up, he switched gears by providing people committed to buying with discounts and deals. The result is the now-successful website called Groupon.

While turning failures into successes, it is also crucial that you work on building your confidence. After all, failures can do a lot to a person’s mind and will. You need to accept that failures are part of life. How they affect you and your career is up to the decisions you make. Like Mason, you must accept what happened, learn from it, and then move on to bigger and better things.

Thanks to online education and training, you can spin a positive outcome regardless of the earlier failure. In addition to bettering yourself and your career, you can take your newfound knowledge and pass it on to others. The bottom line is that failure puts you one step closer to success if you let it.

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