Helping your team to generate and build on creative ideas

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

In today’s fast-paced business environments, creativity is critical for success. It’s important for teams to know how to brainstorm and build on creative ideas, to stay innovative and ahead of the competition.

Even though creativity is something that can’t really be taught, it can be facilitated and fostered.


In any role, or industry, employees need to know how to generate, incubate and verify the workability of ideas before implementation. This is a really important process – because after all, failed ideas waste money, time and resources.

Why not take a look at this short online course, specifically designed to help you improve your creative process?

Verifying and Building on Creative Ideas – an online course

The Verifying and Building on Creative Ideas course covers a variety of techniques used to verify and build on creative ideas.

The course gives a really clear explanation of the five-stage creative process model:

  • Research
  • Generate ideas
  • Incubate
  • Verify workability of ideas
  • Implement idea(s)

You’ll be presented with case study scenarios of employees going through the process, all the way from research to implementation. Throughout the course, you’ll see how important the steps of generation and incubation are to the creative process.

You’ll learn when to use research and when to use simulations to check the workability of an idea. Because while the early stages of brainstorming are generally free from rationale and critique, all creative ideas need to be put into practice, to make sure they'll actually work.

This eLearning course will provide you with helpful tips for checking whether your creative ideas are realistic from an organisational viewpoint. This is about verifying your ideas and testing out the idea for workability, through feedback from others or by key people and using simulations.

While either method may work, one method is usually preferred, depending on the situation. Course participants will be given a handy online table, with specific criteria you can use to help you decide which method is most appropriate to your situation.

Giving you confidence to generate and build on creative ideas

Upon completion of this online course, employees will feel far more confident in using the five-stage creative process model.

As a learner, you should be able to:

  • Recognise each stage of the creative process
  • Understand the purpose and activities of the verifying stage
  • Identify criteria for adopting both canvassing and simulation methods
  • Build on an idea using three clear steps
  • Come up with criteria-based questions to evaluate the effectiveness of a creative idea, before implementation.

Putting in the time to understand creative process will help individual staff members, teams, and your organisation as a whole, through greater innovation and creativity.

As the course narrator says, “if you want to boost your creativity and come up with innovative strategies, following the creative process model might be the answer!”

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