Have you experienced awesome?

Brandon Hodgson

What if every interaction you have had with a client was publicly listed on social media? It’s a scary thought right? Your every word for the world to see! Well to be honest, this isn’t too far from the truth. Social media is defining how companies interact with their clientele more and more and it is proving to be very powerful in making or breaking a company.

This leads to the big question.

Have you really experienced awesome?

Well let’s imagine your expectations were exceeded in your last interaction with a support team. This customer service representative didn’t just fix your problem, they smashed it out of the ballpark! Doesn’t that make you want to tell someone? On the flip side, if you have just had a negative experience, that certainly makes you want to tell someone right? Why put someone else through that negative experience that you’ve just had! Well with social media within a couple of minutes the world can know. This means EVERYONE can find out what sort of company you really are and word travels fast!

So what are you doing to use this to your advantage?

What if I told you providing an awesome experience lies simply with a mindset, seems simple right? Instead of approaching every interaction expecting a problem, why don’t you think of how you can change that person’s day? Instead of just giving instructions or pointing out what to do, go the extra mile and walk them through it step by step. This could be the difference between a negative and positive experience. My suggestion, keep a note on your desk with a simple reminder, “Every interaction I make will be displayed for the world to see”. If you keep that in mind, I can guarantee you your mindset will change. You will even view your clients/customers differently. No longer will you remember them as “that guy with the payment problem” or “the lady who thinks everything is a problem”. You may actually want to learn their names, learn what they do, all of this can aid your interactions.

The defining moment in the new age of customer experience I believe, is going from dealing with a problem, to assisting a real life person. These have two very different meanings and should redefine how you do business.

Whether you like it or not your company is being reflected by every little experience. Every client/customer has a voice, use them to your advantage!


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