Go1 version 2.2.0 is here!

Chris Hood

Another big month of product updates and improvements in October. We thought we would share a few of the larger changes which we think you will enjoy as part of this new release.

Improved learning experience

We have revamped the user experience for learners. The navigation and progression for users through a course is now more streamlined and enjoyable. We believe that when a user sits down to learn about a topic they should be focused on that task, so we have designed the experience to minimise distractions and maximised the learning.

Sharing courses between portals

We have been working with a number of our clients to develop out this features. From one portal you can share courses with other Go1 learning portals allow custom learning experiences for different users while managing the courses in one place. This is useful when you need to deliver training to a mixture of internal and external users or just different departments in your business.

Support for Vimeo

We have added support for embedding Vimeo videos into your courses. This is in addition to the existing support for YouTube and custom uploaded mp4 files. Using the private video features in Vimeo you can have your video content streamed from one the best video hosting platforms while still have the ability to control access to your content. This also means that if you already have video content in Vimeo it is every easier to build your courses.

Certificate Templates

Providing custom certificates has been updated this release to provide more flexibility. You can use either PDF or DOCX files to generate a template for your courses. Each course can have a custom templates or you can share the one template between courses. You can map any tokens you have included in your certificate templates to the data in Go1. Please see our previous blog post on how to upload and manage certificates.

Improved Resource Management

The process of adding and managing the content in your courses and modules has been streamlined in the administration interface. First select the resource type from the dropdown, you can select from video, document, Scorm, Tincan (xAPI) or Quiz. Once added you can quickly and easily re-order these items.

100’s of other improvements

The list of updates doesn’t stop here, we are constantly reviewing each and every features in Go1 and our full change log for the month of October includes over 150 enhancements. Many of these are small improvements


We are always keen to hear your feedback, so let us know your thoughts by contacting us support@go1.com.

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