The Go1 mid June update

Chris Hood

Following on from our June update we have just completed another round of updates to the Go1 Platform to improve the way that you learn. In this update you will find updates to the way you track your learners progress, sharing your courses externally to Go1, reports for transactions within your portal, improvements to learners management, and more!


If you have have any questions or comment about any of the updates below, please let us know and we’d be happy to help you out.

Publish your course as an LTI, to be used in another LMS

Your courses are no longer limited for use only in the Go1 Platform. With our LTI updates, you can now generate a code for your courses which then enables them to be used in other learning management systems.

Other improvements and updates include:

  • Existing users can signup/request to join to another portal as a learner
  • Update to My Learning to show Course and Award progress on same page
  • Assessor can see Activities report in My Teaching
  • Adding custom tags for premium courses
  • Portal admins can set searchable custom tags for shared courses
  • Improvements to Quiz for assessors
  • Add submitted date to pending assignment
  • Portal admins can trigger one-time login email for users in their portal

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