VIDEO: Go1 and The Microsoft Hololens learning experience

Scott Cooper

Earlier this year the Go1 received a Microsoft Hololens to allow us to start working on adapting training through augmented reality. Although the Hololens is still only available as a developer version, we have recently been taking it along with us a a number of conferences over the past few months to give the general public a chance to experience the future of learning, and try out the Hololens for themselves.

Earlier this week we had our Hololens down at Work 2.0 in Sydney when Alexar stopped by the Go1 booth to have his first augmented reality experience, and discuss how this exciting new technology can be used to train and educate people with Go1 co-founder Vu Tran.

You can watch the full video of Alexar's experience as live streamed on Periscope below:

Earlier this year, we did an in-depth review of the Hololens and how it can be used for training students and employees.

"As an entry point to the augmented reality market, this is mind blowing. A lot of the things that are still a touch clunky at this stage will very easily be resolved, and the first consumer versions of this product, which is yet to have a release date, is likely to be an affordable and eye-opening look into the future of human interaction that anyone can afford."

We are very excited about getting this technology into the hands of as many people as possible over the coming years, and if you are at an event with Go1, make sure you come try it out for yourself!


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