Go1 May 2018 release notes

Liz Hardie

The Go1 team are please to announce the release of the following capability in May 2018, including our new Zapier integration, updates to learner video uploads, course due dates, and content provider dashboards.

Please remember if you have an suggestions for improvements or new features, please email them to product@go1.com

Major Features

Zapier Integration

Features of this integration:

For this integration to work, it will require the portal Admin to register for a Zapier account if they don't already have one. Within the Go1 portal, admins will be able to navigate to the Integrations area within their portal, this will show all the applications with which they can integrate, one of which will be Zapier. By selecting Zapier, you will see an Overview tab and a Zaps tab - within the Zaps, the portal admin can select to "Use this Zap" from the available default list. To commence an integration, the Zapier site will launch and the admin will log into their account.

Functionality to note: you will be able to Enable/disable the function for the Zapier integration by switching it on/off within the Integration page (it is enabled by default) . The first time you use of this integration, you will need to generate an API key, within theSettings page > Zaps Integration. This API key will be used to connect your portal when using the Go1 application in zapier.com.

The zap's available will enable to complete a number of actions within the portal, including:

  • Create a new user
  • Enrol a user into a course
  • Assign a user to a group
  • Assign a user to a manager
  • Send an in-app notification
  • Update the status of an existing enrollment

Also you will be able to use Go1 and Zapier together to complete an action on several of the most common external applications our customers are using, based on a trigger completed within your portal, these include:

  • Google Sheets, MailChimp, Sendgrid and WebMerge

A key feature requested by customers is the ability to alter the default course completion certificate. Your Go1 portal now can be integrated with Webmerge via Zapier for the purposes of generating certificates with a custom format and content.

If using the custom certificate Zap template, select Course or Module completion as the condition for this trigger within your portal. You will see an action to Link Zapier with your WebMerge account (you will need to use an API key). The first action is to select you account and the document  and specify the values to input into fields on the document. Then all you have to do is attach the chosen certificate to the relevant enrolment record from step 1 and select your portal. This custom certificate will now also be accessible by Learners under the completion history > for the relevant course.

Minor Improvements

As part of our ongoing improvements, we have added the ability for Learners to now upload a video response to an assignment.

In response to customer feedback, Course Due Date improvements have been made.

Due dates are now visible once the conditions of the completion rule have been met, meaning that:

  • Exact due dates are always visible
  • Learning Item and Module due dates that are based on course enrolment are visible as soon as the user has enrolled in the course, even if they haven’t yet commenced that module or learning item
  • Learning Item due dates that are based on Parent (module) enrolment are visible as soon as the user has commenced that module, even if they haven’t yet started that specific learning item

Now both the days ahead/behind value and the due date display, providing greater clarity to learners on their upcoming and overdue dates.

Modules now only display due dates if that specific module has an exact due date or completion rule attached to it, whereas previously modules would display the course due date if none was defined on the module.

The Days ahead/behind value no longer shows once a learning item is passed as the information is only relevant to learners


The Content Provider Dashboard has been added as a new field within Portal Settings > Configuration. This display is disabled by default, so for you to see Content Provider Dashboard in the overview page and payments tab, you must enable that setting.

Within the new Payments report tab, the name of the Learning Resource or Course that has been purchased has been s added as an optional column for the report with the label "Title". The column will appear when the user selects Title under the Configure button.  The Learning Resource/Course name goes by the label "Title" in line with the logic used on the Enrolments report, as "Name" could be confused with the purchaser's name.


And to wrap up the month, if you haven't seen it yet, we have updated GO1's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Since this release in late May, all users of GO1, will see a one-time notification in their portal, which they will need to accept to be able to continue using their portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an error that stopped users from enrolling in specific courses.
  • An issue was resolved that caused locations to not be shown in reports.
  • An issue with users not being able to change their primary email address was resolved.
  • Fixed an issue with external share links not leading to the correct pay and enrol page.
  • Resolved an issue that stopped select awards from loading.
  • An issue was resolved that stopped the opening of a handful of learning items.
  • Resolved an issue where videos played audio only, no visuals.
  • Fixed an issue where an Award would be manually updated to a completed status, but would not show the completed status to the user.


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