Go1 Local Government Survey 2016

Scott Cooper

To develop better and more relevant learning solutions for the sector, Go1 conducted a survey in the first quarter of 2016 with local government agencies. Questions included whether agencies are using an online learning solution, how they are using it, and which features and courses they want to access.

A total of 55 local government agencies participated in the survey.

The findings presented in this document provide great insight into the state of training within local government and the direction it is heading over the coming years.

The Go1 Local Government Study 2016 uncovered a range of obstacles to more efficient training program delivery.

You can download your copy of the survey findings here:

Go1 Local Government Survey 2016

The survey provides detailed information on how local governments are using online learning, the mobile impact, time spent on training and the associated management, what features they want access too, and the most popular compliance and professional development courses amongst their organisations.


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