Go1 co-founder Chris Eigeland nominated for Queensland Young Achiever Award

Scott Cooper

If you think that being a co-founder of a startup is a busy job, you are right. There's a lot to deal with on a daily basis and having any free time is a rare thing. Chris Eigeland has not only embraced his role as a co-founder of Go1, he's out in the community continuing his hard work and spending time developing and supporting programs that will help to shape Australia for future generations, and is now being acknowledged for his efforts.


The finalists for this years Queensland Young Achiever Awards have just been released, and we are very proud to announce that Chris Eigeland has been listed in the group nominated for the BB Print Leadership Award. Chris' continuous work in helping to improve the community and educate young people across the country has seen him listed alongside some amazing nominees for this years awards.

Earlier this year Chris was also appointed as the 2016 Australia Youth Representative to the UN which is an amazing achievement. Speaking about his role with the UN, Chris says:

"The UN Youth Rep role is an unparalleled opportunity to consult with young Australians from all walks of life, on issues that are of international significance. The global landscape of business, politics and development is undergoing radical change as a result of new (and arguably democratising) technologies – however this change isn’t occurring evenly, even within a country such as Australia. The role, for me, is about understanding the most pressing challenges facing Australian youth, and linking them back to the opportunities that are arising for generation Y – in entrepreneurship, innovation and social policy."

In this role Chris understand that he now has the opportunity to show the world what the youth of Australia are capable of achieving, and he's looking forward to getting down to business.

"The role of the Youth Rep should be as much about showcasing the work of amazing young Australians as it is about guiding policy"

The Go1 team is incredibly proud of Chris and the work he is doing, and hope that you too will support the initiatives that he is working hard to promote to create a better world for future generations of Australians.

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