Go1 April release (v2.8.0) is here!

Chris Hood

The April release of Go1 is here and includes a number of new features and improvements to make your learning experience better. This includes updates across our payment integration as well as in the display of information on courses prior to users purchasing. You can read about the full range of improvements below.


Course Overview:

We have redesigned the course overview page, with more information about the course users are about to enroll or purchase.

Stripe Integration and payment receipts:

If you are charging for courses in Go1, we now forward more details about each payment through to Stripe. This allow you to better see exactly what course and account each payment is for. Also, if you enable the email receipts feature in Stripe, can send payment receipt directly to users on each payment.

You find more about setting up email receipt from Stripe at https://stripe.com/blog/email-receipts

Browser Version Notifications

We want to ensure that our users are experiencing their training in the fastest, most user friendly and secure environment possible. To make sure this is happening, we have implemented a new feature to notify users if they are currently using an older version of their internet browser that may effect their learning experience.

Users who are using non supported browsers will now be directed to a page containing the following message:

You will need one of the following browser versions to access this portal:

Internet Explorer 10
Mozilla Firefox 40
Google Chrome 42
Safari 9 (Apple only)

Other browsers may work, but have not been tested and are not supported.
Beta versions of browsers have not been tested and are not supported.

Backend Systems

This release also contains a number of major backend improvements. The updates we have made in this release, and will continue to make in upcoming releases will pave the way for a faster, more scalable system for all users. It will also allow us to introduce some new course creation tools that will make building learning content easier and quicker. We will be posting more details on these in the coming weeks.

For a full list of improvements and updates since last release see the list below:

  • Update initial account email with clearer instructions
  • Parse payment information through to Stripe as Metadata, so Stripe can process receipts.
  • Add support for matching question to not show any feedback until the end of the quiz
  • Allow users to unenrol from workshop
  • Auto hide system message
  • Show scheduled course event date in user own timezone
  • Show message to users with older browsers that some features may not be supported.
  • Fix issue with users unable to see group posts.
  • Add check to ensure course end date is always after start date
  • When resuming quiz - show saved answers from previous attempt.
  • User can self manage portal plan
  • Improve UX when submitting mandatory profile form required to start course
  • Change ordering of my recently courses on dashboard to most recent updated


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