Go1 announces partnership with Fitzroy Academy

Providing insights on entrepreneurship, education, and social impact.
Erin O'Connor

Fitzroy Academy: Insights on entrepreneurship, education, and social impact

This is the first release of social impact content into Go1 Premium. Go1 Social Impact is a new initiative from Go1 that aims to make real change by connecting social authorities with the workplace.


About Fitzroy Academy

Fitzroy Academy is suited to our customer looking to scale their business whilst understanding the value lean methodologies can offer, as well as how your organisation can have a better social impact and the fundamentals of engaging people with positive causes.

They are an Australian organisation, who has spent more than 100 hours making every lesson and four years perfecting their teaching style. The content is a unique addition to our current Go1 Premium product and one we'd highly recommend for customers interested in entrepreneurship, building a company and creating impact at scale.

Fitzroy Academy has seven courses with over 15 hours of content. Fitzroy Academy have had countless organisations and change-makers go through their in-person classes and have brought that expertise to the digital space. We are very proud to amplify their message to Go1's customers.

Popular courses:

Community Integration, with Jennifer Schechter

How to be humble, listen, and communicate with a community you work with. In this 1 module course, you'll learn to work with marginalised communities in a respectful and useful way. The course has 5 videos and a bunch of resources to help you get started.

How to have good ideas, with Judah Pollack

In this 1 module course, you'll learn tricks to help you solve problems creatively. The course has 15 videos and a bunch of resources to help you get started. Features concepts like Quiet / loud brainstorming or Drawing Without Words.

Introduction to Social Enterprise

This course is intended for someone who is new to entrepreneurship and social enterprise, looking to start a project. In this 6 module course, you will learn business basics in order to help you start your own social enterprise.

Design for impact at scale, with Kevin Starr

In this 1 module course, you'll learn to design your business for big social impact, right from the start. The course has 9 videos and a bunch of resources to help you get started. Learn about the Mulago tool - Design iteration form.

Available: Global Premium

When a company’s core values and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) align, they can orient themselves towards enduring market advantage rather than short-term profit. Go1 makes it easy for you to help your staff access courses authorised by social good experts. You can now find all of Fitzroy Academy's courses available in Go1 Premium.

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