Go1's Marketplace is now available for Totara Learn users

Erin O'Connor

Totara and Go1 are pleased to announce the release of Totara Learn, which is creating a single, comprehensive training solution for organisations worldwide.

The partnership unlocks a new learning and administrative experience for customers of Totara, by making Go1's compliance, professional development and general training marketplace available directly from the Totara platform. The partnership will see Totara Site Administrators and Content Creators be able to experience and explore the Go1 content library and then develop new courses or supplement existing courses with content selected from the marketplace.

By enabling the Go1 content marketplace in Totara Learn, users will benefit from:

  • Simple set-up, it takes only one click to activate the content marketplace
  • Users can access content settings to create a Custom Collection of content, most relevant to their organisation
  • Helpful search filters that make it easy and quick to explore the content marketplace
  • A detailed course overview feature enabling users to view an outline of each learning item before they use it in their course
  • Totara users can feel confident in the accuracy of the Go1 content, with the SCORM based content updated automatically by its expert course authors, saving administrators time updating content and ensuring users are always compliant.

Early this year, Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning, highlighted the value users will experience through the partnership which, "makes it easier and more convenient to access a large library of e-learning content that can be curated to the specific needs of your workforce, or your business outcomes, all through our Totara Learn platform.”

Totara Learn, includes the Go1 content marketplace natively installed in all v12 platforms and v10 and v11 when updated. Look out for a notification within your Totara platform, prompting you to activate a Go1 trial or sign up for a trial here.

A Go1 Premium content subscription will allow you to enrol in over 5000 content items created by industry-leading providers, alternatively, access the 150,000 free and pay-per-use courses in the marketplace.

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