Go1 2018 Q1 release notes

Liz Hardie

The Go1 team are pleased to announce the release of the below updates to the Go1 Platform which have been developed over the period from January to March 2018.  Moving forward, to keep you up to date with our improvements we will be producing monthly release notes which will be available within the first 10 days of each month.

Please remember if you have an suggestions for improvements or new features, please do not hesitate in contacting our team so we can help out.

Major Feature Updates

My Teaching Improvements

Go1 Assessors and Course Creators now have a more complete ability to manage and track learner progress. Key features of this improvement capability include:

  • ability for course creators to define target completion date rules or benchmarks for a course, module, or a specific learning item within a course
  • ability for due dates on new learner enrollments to be automatically generated based on the completion date rules for the course / module / learning item
  • ability for assessors to manually update expected completion dates for learner enrollments
  • ability for the system to automatically calculate the percentage (%) complete and learner status against due dates
  • creation of a new My Teaching Overview that provides summary information about user activity, including quick links that allow the assessor or course creator to click through to detailed reports
  • improvements to the enrollments report to show enrollments grouped by course and to show status, progress and days ahead or behind of the enrollments in relation to their due dates
  • improvements to the assessment report to display it on its own tab and to show date submitted and date marked
  • changes to reports to allow the use of due date, progress ; date submitted and date marked in custom reports
  • ability for learners to see more information about how they are progressing against the suggested completion benchmarks for a given course, module or learning item

The videos below provide an overview of this functionality.

Award Enhancements

As we know from your feedback, many of you embraced the new awards capability when we released it in January. Based on your feedback we have made a number of enhancements to these features, to improve its flexibility and to better meet your business needs. These enhancements include the ability:

  • to include another award inside an award (in addition to a course or a stand alone learning resource)
  • for award creators to specify whether they are happy for their users to submit external learning records (including attachments) against an award
  • for award creators to specify whether external learning records need to be "moderated" or reviewed before they are attributed against an award
  • for award creators to specify assessors for an award
  • for awards assessors to be able to validate and "pass" an external learning record
  • to track all points accumulated under an award - past the point of completion
  • for award assessors and award creators to log external learning records on behalf of a user
  • to view awards reports at a summary and detail level (which includes all child awards, courses, stand alone learning resources or external learning records)

The videos below provide an overview of this functionality. Further improvements to awards are planned, please provide feedback or suggestions via

New Content Provider Dashboard

Content providers who sell content via Go1 now have the option to have an Content Provider Administer dashboard, which includes information and statistics relating to their content sales, to be enabled for their portal:

  • ability to view a statistics on total income, new users, enrollments and new courses for a given period: today, this week, this month, this year
  • ability to view a bar chart of enrollments for a given period: day, week, month, quarter, year
  • ability to view a payments report of all purchases completed on the portal
  • ability to create and manage coupons for use when purchasing a course or standalone learning resource that was created on your portal

The videos below provide an overview of this functionality. Please contact if you wish to have these optional features enabled for your portal.

Pivot Tables and Matrix Display

Anyone creating reports in Go1 now has the ability to use some advanced reporting methods to present summary report data:

  • ability to create a pivot table display from select reports
  • ability to specify values for inclusion within the pivot table report display
  • ability to list a unique value to display within the pivot table report, resulting in a matrix report display

The videos below provide an overview of this functionality.

Premium and Marketplace Content

In Q1 Go1 has welcomed two new content partners - Catalyst and Skillboosters - all of which are available in Go1's Premium Subscription offering. Go1 is also incredibly proud to announce we have partnered with world-leading eLearning company Skillsoft, providing over 320 of Skillsoft's courses in our Premium offering.


Catalyst is an Australian training and learning company who provides online, face-to-face and blended learning options through Go1. Go1 is proud to offer Catalyst's specialised First Aid training, which goes beyond basic First Aid and teaches students skills in treating patients who suffer Burns, Trauma Injuries, Allergies, Diabetes or Strokes. Go1 is also pleased to offer Catalyst's compliance training which is a must for every Australian business.


Skillboosters is a UK-based microlearning company specialising in fast-paced, high-impact and engaging video content. Go1 is particularly proud to announce this partnership to our UK customers, who will be pleased to know that Skillboosters can address their businesses compliance requirements through their short-form microlearning content. Skillboosters also has several foreign language courses - available in Spanish, French, and even Finnish, for businesses with multi-lingual employees.


Finally, Go1 is excited to announce our partnership with global leader in training and learning, Skillsoft. Through this partnership, Go1 is now offering over 1000 Skillsoft courses via the Go1 marketplace, and 320 of Skillsoft's most popular courses in our Premium subscription. Skillsoft has a diverse course offering, ranging from PRINCE2 training through to basic soft skills and Microsoft Office Suite training. Businesses can take advantage of this diverse offering to construct effective, engaging and tailored learning pathways for their employees, training them in everything from the soft skills necessary to flourish in a modern workplace, through to specialised project management methodologies such as PRINCE2, ITIL and Six Sigma.

The quality of Skillsoft's content is undisputed, and we are already beginning to see incredible uptake of Skillsoft's courses from Go1 customers.

Minor Improvements

Go1 users now have the ability to ability to use <CURRENT USER> in save reports


Improvements to the treatment of images in banners, including auto cropping


Improvements made to event booking to consider event capacity


Update made to improve the Y axis labels on bar chart reports


Changes to the users report to exclude inactive users by default


There is now the ability to share a Saved Report by making it available through a URL. This then allows you to use the report data in third party application such as Excel


Implemented a new role - Content Admin - which provides the user with access to a subset of administration functions whilst removing the ability to access portal administration functions such as user management ; portal configuration settings etc


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where a user did not receive an email notification on the assessor uploading a marked assignment.
  • Fixed an issue stopping users from selecting answers in multiple choice questions.
  • Fixed an issue stopping users from moving onto the next question upon filling in their "fill in the blank" question type.
  • Resolved an issue restricting admins from assigning credits to their users.
  • Resolved an issue that restricted users from accessing their assigned course.
  • Fixed an issue restricting managers access to their learners on the reports page.
  • Resolved an issue stopping admins ability to assign new roles to their learners.
  • Resolved an issue where users would receive results over 100% in their quiz.
  • An issue was resolved where an Award was not updating upon a user's completion of the courses within.
  • Fixed an issue restricting admins ability to access attendees within an Event.
  • Resolved an issue where a user's status on their course was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where select users received a "Failed to load learning item" error message when accessing a course through the marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked admins and managers from accessing the My Teaching tab.
  • Resolved an issue that stopped modular dependencies from appearing on relevant courses.
  • Resolved an issue that blocked select users from delete enrolments of their learners.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not change the language of their portal.
  • An issue was resolved where the number of 'seats' on a scheduled event was incorrect for select courses.
  • Resolved an issue where an Award was displaying incorrect content.

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