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John Sherman

Do your employees feel confident about serving alcohol responsibly to customers?

When your business is in the hospitality sector, whether it’s running a restaurant or a hotel, there’s going to be alcohol available to customers. We all know that when there’s alcohol being served that there’s also an increased risk of problems developing.

These problems can be unruly customers, accidental injuries, as well as damage to your property. In addition, intoxicated customers can cause traffic accidents and even fatalities. This is obviously the last thing that anybody wants.

That’s why it’s so important to know the signs that somebody has had a little bit too much to drink and when to say no and stop serving them alcohol on your premises. This is the best way to avoid these serious problems from happening in the first place.

An online RSA course can help with this. RSA courses can train your employees on how to serve alcohol to customers responsibly.

When staff are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to serving alcohol, they are going to have a more pleasant and enjoyable working environment. With less trouble, there’s guaranteed to be a boost in morale and this generally leads to lower staff turnover.

RSA training also provides a safer environment for your guests. After all, problems with alcohol affect more than just the people that are drinking – it also affects the people around them too. When your staff know how to serve alcohol responsibly, everyone can be safer and more relaxed.

This will ensure that your business establishes a good reputation and brings about larger profits in the long run. It’s just a fact that when you take care of everyone around you, this will come back to your business.

What’s more, investing in good RSA online courses pays off. You can prevent potential legal problems later down the line, as well as bad publicity that could land your business on the front page of the newspaper or social media networks. It could even save you money on security on your premises and damage that is done.

Of course, as an employer, you have legal responsibilities and duties if you serve alcohol on your licensed premises. This means you can potentially avoid costly trouble with the law by providing your employees with the opportunity to gain their RSA online.

Choose an Online RSA Course

Since you are responsible for all of your employees, it’s beneficial to provide them with the right resources they need to understand how to serve alcohol responsibly. Online RSA courses are going to be beneficial for servers, bartenders and even owners of establishments.

An online RSA course is also going to help your employees identify when customers have had too much to drink by learning what the warning signs are before things get out of hand. This should stop any trouble developing and benefit the customer too.

In addition, your employees can learn about the laws that are suitable for their industries so they’re aware of what the penalties are and what can happen if they don’t do their job right.

While it’s the employer that’s ultimately liable, it can still create a sense of responsibility with your staff.

An online RSA course can help your employees feel confident in their job, safer and even more empowered in how to deal with a difficult situation if it arrives. This can make all the difference to their work experience!

Upskill Your Employees with RSA Online

One of the best methods to deliver effective RSA training nowadays is through e-learning courses. It’s efficient, effective, and much easier to deliver for businesses of all sizes.

Online courses offer the flexibility to help continuous training be delivered more successfully in a busy working environment. You no longer need to send your teams to events or conferences to get them trained up – after all, we all know how much of a hassle this can be when you are trying to run your business!

With an online RSA course, your employees can learn anywhere and at any time. The materials are on demand - which means that your staff can choose when and where they complete their training.

For example, some employees might prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home. Whereas other members of staff are happy to learn on-the-go. Your team members can work at their own pace and in an environment where it suits them.

What’s more, RSA online courses are delivered in a variety of different media formats, which means that they are really an excellent training experience for every type of learner. Videos, multimedia, group forums, and online quizzes can all make the process more interesting and even FUN.

If you’re in the market for RSA training for your team, you should consider having a look at your options within the Go1 Marketplace. We give you access to a wide variety of training options to help upskill your employees – on every topic you can imagine.

Employees will love the opportunity to learn in a more entertaining and effective format, and ultimately, you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your bottom line when you have the right RSA training in place

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