What we learned at our Future of Learning events!

Scott Cooper

During September we teamed up with General Assembly to run events in Sydney and Melbourne to discuss 'The Future of Learning'. Both events had great turnouts, and a very lively conversation between panelists and attendees around a number of topics relating to how we see education evolving over the coming years.

Our Sydney event involved a great group of panelist including Dan Fish from Go1, Riley Batchelor of Edugrowth, independent learning consultant Bronwyn Stucky, while our Melbourne event included Will Dayble of Fitzroy Academy, Sarah Moran of Girl Geek Academy and Luke McInnes of BSchool, with both events moderated by Andrew Barnes, CEO of Go1.

In a great discussion across both cities, our panelist discussed a range of topics including traditional education vs online learning vs on the job learning, if traditional learning subjects are thing of the past, why Blended learning (and social elements) are so important, how people want to learn, and much more.

General Assembly's  Garry Williams had the following to say about the events:

"Education, or rather, the future state of educational opportunities and what the ideal method of education can be, is and always will be a rather contentious issue. During the event, the audience were quite animated on topics ranging from financial considerations, the need for recognised certifications, jobs of the future and studying passion areas vs what looks good on a resume.

Of course, being quite a passionate audience meant that there were some differences of opinion on where education is heading for the ourselves and the next generations coming through the ranks, but what was most appealing was the consensus that there has never been more availability of resources to be able to educate oneself. 

The integration of future technologies such as VR/ AR and Artificial Intelligence means that we are on the cusp of a really interesting time in our lives to see technology integrate into the in-person learning experience in particular, and online learning enables amazing access points for many people operating out of remote areas in particular."

We'd like to say a big thank you to all of our panelists for taking the time to be a part of these events, as well as all of the people who came out and attended the events in each city! We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you again soon at our next event!


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