From Bud To Boss: a full recap of our webinar with Kevin Eikenberry

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Last week we hosted a webinar featuring ‘Bud to Boss’ author Kevin Eikenberry – thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the session, we hope you enjoyed it and got a lot out of it! And thank you to Kevin for sharing his time and knowledge with us all.

Weren’t able to attend the webinar? Or want a closer look at the content covered on the day? You can watch a full recap of the session here, for anyone who missed out.

On the day, we had Scott Cooper, Go1’s VP of Marketing, talking with guest author Kevin Eikenberry about how to make the successful transition to leadership. As Kevin’s book title suggests, effective leadership is all about knowing how to move from ‘Bud to Boss.’

Because sadly, 40% of new managers fail within the first 18 months of promotion. Why does this happen? Why are so many new managers stumbling at the blocks? The fact is, people get promoted because they’re good at their job—not because they can actually lead people.

Stepping into a leadership position doesn’t mean you instantly know how to be a good leader. For first-time managers and supervisors, it can be a tricky step to negotiate. You’re suddenly taking on new admin tasks, conducting performance reviews, dealing with upper management, and being responsible for employee professional development.

And often, new supervisors don’t get the training, support, and guidance they need to be successful. No wonder it can feel so overwhelming!

As you’ll see in the recap, Kevin talks frankly and honestly about:

  • The most common mistakes new leaders make (and some solutions)
  • The four perspectives that must change for a new supervisor to be successful
  • How to manage relationships and expectations during the transition – up, down and across the organization
  • How to make your first performance reviews far more effective (and less stressful)

In his book, and throughout our webinar, Kevin gives clear tips and strategies for new managers that can help them learn the kinds of things it usually takes people years to learn.

The webinar will also introduce you to the Bud to Boss Toolkit – a series of eLearning courses that will take you step-by-step through Kevin’s strategies for successful leadership. You can also download plenty of leadership resources from the Bud to Boss Community website, including a FREE online tool titled ‘The First 7 Things To Do When You Get Promoted.

As Kevin says during the webinar, “if you’ve got ideas today that feel useful, go do something! It’s only when we take action that we really make any difference.”

Good luck putting your new leadership strategies into action!

This webinar was presented in conjunction with Vado.

Presenter Bio: 

Kevin Eikenberry is a recognized world expert on leadership development and learning and is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group. He has spent more than 25 years helping organizations and leaders from around the world, on leadership, learning, teams and teamwork, communication and more.  He was named by Inc.com as one of the top 100 Leadership Speakers and Leadership/Management Experts in the World and has been included in many other exclusive lists. He is the author, co-author or a contributing author to nearly 20 books, including Remarkable Leadership, bestseller From Bud to Boss – Secrets of the Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership, with Guy Harris, and The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership, co-authored with Wayne Turmel. His blog is consistently ranked among the world’s best and most read on leadership.

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