Train your managers on how to handle maternity leave

Scott Cooper

Do you have a good training program in place to help guide your managers through the maternity leave process with their team? 

We've have put together a FREE course created by a maternity leave expert that can help put a plan in place for your managers so that when they are next faced with an employee taking maternity leave, they will be able to set up a plan to help them through all aspects of the process from winding down at work, to re-entering the workforce when they are ready.

This course is a must have for all businesses.

With women making up just over 45% of the Australian workforce, it is inevitable that at some point an employee will tell you that they are pregnant.

In this course, you will learn how to effectively navigate the maternity leave process and how to best assist the expectant employee including how to handle the initial discussion, making plans leading up to maternity leave, and how to reintroduce new parents to the workplace after leave.

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