How far-reaching is online education?

John Sherman


Like many people, you probably know that e-learning has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. However, you may not realize just how far-reaching online education has become. As demand continues to rise, experts anticipate even further growth.

When it comes to how wide-ranging online education is today, you should look at it from two perspectives. First, this is something that benefits people from around the globe. All they need is a computer, reliable Internet access, and a desire to learn. Second, online training courses create incredible opportunities for anyone interested in learning, from stay-at-home moms to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between.

Reaching Around the World

Just within the past few years, a staggering number of people have started taking online training courses, some for personal development and others for career advancement. If you look at the Babson Survey Research Group’s most recent Online Report Card, you would see that in the United States alone, almost 6 million people account for the current enrollment in some online education program.

Many people cannot take time off from work or time away from home responsibilities, making traditional education difficult, if not impossible. Instead of putting their dream of earning an education on hold, they can learn a new skill or hone an existing one through online training courses. With the right forum, interested parties can gain access to thousands upon thousands of viable programs developed by subject or industry experts.

As far as the first reach factor, online education gives people all over the world the opportunity to learn. The climbing number of participants proves that online learning is no longer an alternative way of getting an education but a mainstream solution.

Reaching Individuals and Businesses

The second factor in how far online education reaches has to do with the vast number of people and businesses that take advantage of it. As mentioned, some people take training courses to better themselves on a personal level. For example, they might complete a carefully formulated course on time management, communication, or organization.

At the same time, online education reaches virtually every industry. With so many training courses available, there is something for every company. Business owners and management associated with the construction, medical, automotive, agricultural, hospitality, and a host of other industries see the value that online training courses provide, not just for themselves to become better leaders but also to help staff members improve.

If you have a team of employees in an office work environment, you might consider training courses on any of the following:

  • Employee Morale
  • Prioritization
  • Office Equipment
  • Customer Conflict Resolution
  • Productivity

If you have a business that deals with potentially hazardous materials, and thereby needs to adhere to strict compliance laws and regulations, the following online training courses are exceptional:

If your company is part of the medical or health care sector, online education is an excellent way to ensure that management and employees stay up-to-date on training required to maintain a certification or licensing. Some of the available courses include:

Something else to consider is that in addition to developing or refining a skill, people can use online education as a way of confirming their decision to enter a specific field. With so many affordable courses through a reputable source and many that people can complete in 30 minutes, there is no financial or time lost by trying.

For example, if someone thinks they want to enter the medical field, he or she could start by taking a few basic training courses such as:

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many online training courses available to give you a better understanding of just how far-reaching online education is for any person and industry. In addition to courses for people in the United States, there are many that address topics for other countries. “Basic Finnish for Medical Professionals” is just one example.

No Limitations

There is no question that online education is growing fast. Whether taking a basic course or one mandated for a specific profession, e-learning does not limit itself to a particular type of student. Everyone, regardless of where they live in the world or their age, can complete training courses online. Currently, 26.5 percent of enrolled students are between the ages of 15 and 23, 36.5 percent between 24 and 29, and 40.9 percent 30 and older.

Although the courses are expert made, the majority take little time and cost only a nominal fee to complete. That makes it possible for a lot of people to learn who would otherwise miss out due to time and money constraints. Adding to the appeal is the fact that people can complete online education from the privacy and comfort of their homes and at a pace and time most convenient to them.

Turn to a Reliable Source

If you want to improve yourself personally, start a new career, or become better at your current the job, take advantage of online education and training through a trusted and reliable source.

Go1 offers the best online training courses available. With a reach around the world to different people and industries, we offer diversity and excellent learning opportunities. Take a step forward in the right direction by choosing courses provided by an established leader in the online learning and education arena.

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