Export Go1 courses and quickly edit enrollments with our end of October update

Chris Hood

Our end of October update is here and we have some updates and new tools that are going to make the way you train your team even easier.

Sharing content that you have created in Go1 with another learning platform is simple thanks to our course exporter. Plus, you can now quickly and easily edit your enrollments and update their status straight from your administrator dashboard.

Exporting a course as SCORM package

An admin user can go to a course settings in their Go1 portal and click on download SCORM file. This will generate a zip file that is specific to that portal for that item. Any LMS that supports SCORM files can then import a Go1 course into their platform.

Edit enrollments status easily

You can now quickly edit the enrollment status of any of your learners directly from the 'enrollments' tab in your 'Administrator' dashboard by clicking 'Edit' and then selecting from the options in the dropdown list.


Other updates and improvements include:

  • Relevance search display is now available for Awards
  • Awards enrollments now appear in enrollments reporting
  • Administrators can schedule content for learners
  • Assessor can see previous submissions
  • Suggested completion dates will be added by default in assign learning
  • Fully support SCORM files can playing as iframe or new window
  • Explore now shows enrollment status for all courses
  • You can now add a category field to manual learning in awards
  • View previous comments and feedback while making assignments

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