Why embracing mobile learning will make you a leader at work

John Sherman

As mobile devices become a common instrument for almost everything we do these days, it makes sense to capitalize on this portable and up to date source of information by using it for the workplace as well. Here is why embracing mobile learning makes perfect sense if you want to be a leader at work.

If you’re looking to get ahead at work, embracing mobile learning can make you a respected leader among your peers. But how exactly does this new wave of eLearning will really give you an “edge”, and how can it make you stand out from the pack? Let’s take a closer look.


First, traditional training methods in the workplace are slowly becoming less effective. It seems the workforce is truly burning out on the “old school” way of passing on information and policy.

Mobile learning, on the other hand, addresses the common issues of traditional training and education methods and puts a fresh and convenient spin on things. Everything from how and where you access your modules to the technology you use to complete them can work together to make you a leader among your colleagues and a valuable part of any team.

Mobile Learning And Your Workload

When you take advantage of mobile training, whether for yourself or your employees, you’re giving yourself a head start over the rest of the pack. Mobile information is fast… and it’s delivered in a way that it’s easier to retain. Further, while others may be lagging behind with their workshops or role-play sessions, you have the ability to access training materials at any time… so that training doesn’t hinder your workload.

For you the employee of the 21st century, this means that you’re studying at a time that suits you best and this helps you retain the information because you’re more focused! Rather than feeling forced to participate in a day-long training session, you can pick up bite-sized pieces of information throughout the day and work at your own pace. This is a key factor in boosting performance and productivity that competitive workers simply cannot ignore.

By embracing mobile learning the modern learner can be truly “mobile”, choosing to study either on the job or during their leisure time. As studies from the University of Texas have shown, we retain information better when it’s ingested at multiple times and in various situations. Simply stated, the mobile learner has a clear advantage over others who are force-fed training over one single period.

Mobile Learning Is Always Relevant And Up To Date

We’ve all seen those outdated training videos on customer service or sales skills, where the actors appear to be only half-engaged in what they’re trying to say. Although they are here to teach us something, the message gets lost thanks to the poor production quality, outdated corporate jargon, and second-rate acting skills.

The beauty of mobile learning is that it will always be new, refreshed, and revised as needed. As modules and courses are constantly updated and delivered directly to your mobile device, you don’t need to worry about any of the information being out of date. In short, you’re getting the latest and most relevant education for your job, making you an instant leader among your work colleagues and a truly valuable source of information.

Mobile Learning Can Be Accessed Anywhere

When we undergo traditional training seminars at work, we may have the very best intentions to put those lessons into practice, but they quickly wander from our mind as soon as we return to our workstation. According to Forbes, one of the main reasons why these workplace training sessions fail is due to a lack of follow-up.

When follow-up isn’t automatic -which is generally the case with a soft skills training session- your brain finds it difficult to retain the information. On the other hand, when you’re forced to revisit the skills you were taught and use them in your actual day-to-day work, as is the case with mobile learning, the information “sticks” better as a result of your deliberate practice.

If you learned something important through a mobile learning session, recalling the information is simple: You simply pick up your mobile device and access the lesson directly!

Mobile Learning Keeps Your Technological Skills Up To Date

In a world where two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, it’s clear that mobile devices are here for the “long-haul”. This is a boon for workers of all generations, because now you have a means to stay up to date on the latest trends and training.

Make no mistake about it, the workplace of the future will feature more and more devices and fewer paper and pens, so staying ahead of technology trends is one of the easiest ways you can stay competitive and move forward in your career. In fact, the skills you’ve picked up through mobile learning can often make you a valuable resource for your peers… further solidifying your station as a “linchpin” that holds teams together.

Mobile Learning For Your Employees

It’s simple: If your plan is to incorporate a mobile learning strategy for your staff, then you’re solidifying your status as a leader in the workplace. Rather than utilizing a tired and old training technique that your employees will forget in a month’s time, by embracing mobile learning you’re helping your teams succeed by giving them the information they need to make better decisions.

In short, your employee’s success is a direct reflection of your leadership skills, and embracing mobile learning is a simple way to ensure that success.

Workers will respect the freedom and variety that comes with mobile learning, and most employees will jump at the chance to receive free training that’s relevant to their job. By using the mobile learning model, you’re not only giving them the best chance to succeed but proving yourself a modern leader who understands the workplace of the future as well.


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