The eLearning Assist: Episode 5 catchup - learn about new Go1 features

Scott Cooper

We have been working on great some new features, and want to show you how they can help you!

As we continue to evolve the Go1 Platform, we are developing some exciting new features that will improve the way that everyone delivers their training. We are looking to learn more from you, our customers, about what you want and how you use our tools so that we can create the best product we can to address your needs.

Our most recent episode of The eLearning Assist, Episode 5, gave plenty of information and insight into the latest features on the Go1 Platform.

Weren’t able to attend the webinar? Or want a closer look at the content covered? Here’s a recap of Episode 5, for anyone who missed out.

In Episode 5 of The eLearning Assist, Go1 Senior Product Manager Liz Hardie walked us through all of the latest updates to the Go1 Platform. This included updates and improvements to the awards functionality and learner progress tracking, better oversight of a manager’s team, updates to our Wisenet integration, and improvements across the reporting functionality to ensure that you can view and track the metrics that are most important to your organisation.

No matter how many users you have in Go1, this is a valuable webinar for all users that will help you to understand more about how to improve the way that you learn - a must watch for all administrators - so make sure you check out the recap video. 

To round out the session we will be opened up the floor for Q&A, but if you have any additional questions you can contact us at product@go1.com

Early Access Program

As a part of episode 5 we also spoke about our Early Access program. If you would like to be involved in this program, please click on the below link to register your details.

Early Access Program and User Research Expression of interest

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