The easiest way to keep on top of software updates: online courses

John Sherman

So, new software has come out – but do your employees know how to use it?

When it comes to technology, everything is constantly changing. From new computer systems to software that your team uses every day, something is always being updated, changed and modernized.


Of course, this is a great thing! We obviously want technology to keep moving forward since this can lead to more efficient systems and better tools for our businesses. But, software updates are only going to be beneficial for your organization if your team knows how to use them properly.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is tech savvy. This is especially true in the workplace and this means that when there’s new software updates coming out, it’s important that there are support and training provided so that your employees can learn how to deal with it.

After all, you want everyone to perform at their best in the workplace, right?

So, we’ve figured out that new software updates require training in order for your team to know how to adjust to the new system properly and use the modern technology to its fullest. Yet, this leaves the question, how exactly do you do this?

Well, the easiest way to keep on top of software updates is through online training using e-learning courses. If you’re not familiar with online training in your workplace yet, now is the perfect time to learn. In fact, online training is also the perfect way to learn!

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits online training can offer your business when it comes to software updates:

Unlimited courses

Courses are constantly being updated and there’s literally training for everything. Whether you need help with the new Microsoft Word or learning about new formulas for Microsoft Excel, there’s a course that will help you with the latest software.

This will make sure the new software updates you’re bringing to the office won’t affect the efficiency of your business when they’re introduced. Instead, the updates can help your organization grow and your team becomes more productive.

The practical approach

When some just talks at you and you’re forced to listen, it’s not easy to learn. In fact, it’s pretty boring and not memorable enough to make a difference.

The best kind of learning is practicing the new skills yourself. Through online training, employees can learn all about software updates by running through them on a course and attempting it themselves.

E-learning courses are designed to be engaging and will even make employees enjoy learning. New software updates no longer have to be confusing and stressful. Who knew that was possible?

Cost effective training

Let’s face it, training can be expensive. It’s even more costly when you’ve already paid for software updates. You’ve got to hire trainers that are skilled and even hire out venues or take days off the normal working schedule.

But, not with online training. E-learning courses are the cost-effective way to learn that provide your employees with the same skill-building material but at half the cost.

Since they can be used again and again, they’ll save you money and can be used with multiple employees whenever you like. Plus, you don’t have to arrange training weeks anymore – the content is at your fingertips!

Flexible learning

The great thing about online training is that it’s accessible anywhere, anytime. Employees can access the learning materials on new software updates on their own devices from home, as well as if they’re traveling.

This means that employees can learn when it suits them and when they’re liked to be most engaged with the content. Plus, training doesn’t have to cut into working hours anymore.

You can leave your employees to their own devices – literally!

Track employee progress

Instead of learning on the job and seeing if employees understand the new software during actual work hours with customers, you can give them practice first and monitor how they perform.

After all, the last thing you want is for employees to not understand the new software and make mistakes that could cost you customers and affect the efficiency of your business.

There’s special tracking options with online training that means you can see which employees are performing well with the new software updates and see who might need a little more support before they use it in the office.

It’s all about learning and when you’re able to monitor how your employees are doing, you can give them the help they need to improve for the future.

So, are you ready to invest in amazing online training to keep on top of your new software updates? The last thing you want is for changes to affect your business performance and productivity.

With online training, you can get your employees up to speed in no time and make sure they are comfortable with the new updates. They will be able to learn in a way that best suits them since the content is fun, accessible and flexible.

Software updates don’t have to cause chaos in the office. When you have the right training and support for your employees, you can make sure the transition is simple and easy for everyone, as well as quickly so that your everyday business is not disturbed.

Most importantly, online training makes sure that you are using the software updates to your business’s advantage!

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