How eLearning can boost employee health

John Sherman

Lost time due to sickness takes a toll on not only the employee but also the business. While sickness cannot be completely avoided, every sick day that an employee takes can create havoc on a business. Unlike vacation days, which can be planned for in advance, sick days typically come completely unannounced. As a result, it can be difficult for management to plan for those days. This often results in a complete upheaval for the business, affecting management, other employees, and even customers. Clearly, it’s imperative that employers find an effective method for helping employees stay as healthy as possible.


E-learning offers a flexible and easily accessible method for educating employees on best practices for improving their health. Not only is e-learning an easily offered education tool in the workplace, but it also happens to be the preferred learning method for millennials. Considering that millennials comprise approximately one-third of today’s workforce, it certainly makes sense for employers to consider the preferences of this demographic when developing training solutions.

With e-learning, employers gain the advantage of maximum flexibility. This can be of significant importance when scheduling time for training. Since all the tools and materials for the courses are prerecorded and digital, training can be offered at any time that is most convenient for management and employees.

Lost productivity due to illness costs businesses far too much money each year. Fortunately, at least some of this is reversible. This can be easily accomplished through specific e-learning courses focusing on reducing the risk of work-related illness and improving one’s health.

Such courses can run include helping employees learn how to balance work and life, so that they are more productive without becoming overworked. For example, employees can learn how to manage their schedules to ensure they have time for working out at the gym and other physical fitness activities. Such activities are not only important for stress relief but also crucial for staying physically fit and healthy. The more physically fit employees are, the less likely they are to become ill. Furthermore, e-learning courses can be used to provide health and wellness information to employees who live in areas where health services might be limited.

Courses to Consider for Helping Employees Boost Their Health

The types of courses offered by an employer to assist employees in reducing their risk of work-related illness may vary based on industry and area. However, there are some courses that all employers should consider offering. These courses include:

Time and Stress Management

This course shows employees how to achieve a balanced life while still having time for work as well as relaxation, relationships, and fun. The focus of this course is goal-centered time management. Employees will learn how to work smarter rather than harder. They also will learn effective stress management techniques, so they will be able to build resilience even while under pressure.

Psychological Health

When it comes to keeping employees happy, healthy, and productive, psychological health is just as important as physical health. Regardless of the industry, it is vital that employees be able to deal with challenging situations effectively. This course is designed to assist employees in balancing psychological health matters successfully.

Introduction to Food and Health

A lack of understanding regarding nutritional eating has led to a global obesity epidemic. This can have a significant effect on the workforce. To address this crisis, it’s important for employees to be educated about strategies for healthful eating. Studies have shown that the consumption of heavily processed foods has contributed to increasing rates of chronic disease. The good news is that many of these diseases are preventable. This course provides employees with both the information and the skills they need to distinguish between foods that threaten their health and foods that will optimize their health.

Acupressure for Everyday Health

It’s common for employees to suffer from a variety of health issues, including aches and pains. Unfortunately, those aches and pains can affect productivity and missed work days. Acupressure has been proven to be an effective method for treating everyday issues. With this course, employees will learn how to relieve their own pain without the need for medications using traditional massage points. The course instructs learners how to locate the right massage points for headache and migraine relief, flu relief, allergy relief, anxiety relief, asthma relief, depression relief, and more.

Yoga for All: Lose Weight and Detox to Better Health

This course instructs learns how to take advantage of three authentic yoga practices to lose weight, sleep better, and detox in a safe and completely gentle manner. Through this course, employees will learn how to perform more than 100 yoga poses to increase flexibility, strengthen their core, and tone their muscles. Instruction regarding meditation is also provided, showing learners techniques for guided meditation and breathing exercises. Additionally, learners will receive information about the Saathvic diet, including information on the benefits of natural foods and how they can accelerate weight loss.

Lost work days and productivity can be among the most serious issues faced by management in the workplace. However, managers can take steps to assist employees in reducing illness while boosting their health. E-learning offers an effective method for delivering vital information to employees, allowing them to take greater control of their health and wellness.



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