Why e-learning is a business’ best investment

John Sherman


In today’s competitive world, businesses, regardless of size or industry, have to think outside the box to stay relevant. Although there are several ways to accomplish this, it has become evident that incorporating e-learning into the work curriculum is one of the best investments a business can make.

As the name implies, e-learning consists of completing online courses. Whether used to learn something new in preparation for finishing a certificate or license or as a way of honing an existing skill, the best source on the Internet offers courses that cover an abundance of topics. You can better understand why your business should invest in e-learning by looking at the list of primary benefits.

  • Fast and Affordable – The average person can complete an online course in an hour or less. Your workers can take advantage of e-learning opportunities but without spending a lot of time. You and your team can even take the same courses for very little money. In fact, as you look over the options, you will discover that many of them cost nothing.
  • Professionally Made – Industry experts develop and often present the e-learning courses available online. That means your team learns from the best. These courses contain a wealth of information that employees can apply at work, and often at home.
  • Enhanced Engagement – Because of the volume of e-learning courses available and the small amount of time it takes to complete them, your employees will find it easier to engage. In other words, they will have a better focus, allowing them to digest the information covered. With increased knowledge retention, you can expect improved production and more accurate results.
  • Consistency – For your organization to run like a “well-oiled machine,” consistency is vital. You want everyone from low- to high-level employees to work off the same principles and strive for the same goals. By offering your entire team the same online training courses, you create consistency in the workplace.
  • Compliance – Many companies must adhere to compliance laws. A top source offers training courses that cover a variety of compliance issues based on current requirements. Keeping your team up-to-date will reduce the number of accidents and prevent a government agency from fining your company.
  • Employee Performance – In addition to enhancing work performance, you can use e-learning courses as a way of measuring how well employees do in their respective roles. Having a structured foundation allows you to determine if a worker is on point or perhaps needs additional training.
  • Accessible – Instead of driving to a traditional college or university campus, your workers can log onto a trusted website during a scheduled training session at work, while on their lunch break, or from home during a time convenient for them.

Keep in mind that the benefits mentioned only represent a few that you can expect from taking and providing your staff with online courses.

For an even better understanding of why your business should invest in e-learning, consider a few real-life scenarios.

Hazardous Materials

A company that handles potentially harmful and dangerous materials had to follow mandated compliance laws. Due to strict requirements, the business developed a program for all new hires, as well as current employees. In a presentation-like setting, this company had groups of 10 complete all necessary online training courses.

Following those, it held a Q&A session, spearheaded by a compliance expert. By getting everyone on the same page, the level of risk declined, and employees gained a new sense of confidence in the work performed.

Conflict Resolution

A popular retail chain that deals directly with customers had its entire management staff complete the same courses covering issues about conflicts in the work environment. Not only did these employees learn how to identify conflict quickly but they also picked up proven strategies for deescalating problems.

Along with an internal solution, the managers then incorporated what they learned into the training of their staff, making it possible for them to handle customer conflict. With this, fluidity improved in the workplace and ultimately, the company saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Time Management

An unusually busy company began to struggle in meeting hard deadlines. The owner recognized the need to become more efficient. Because of that, he had his management team along with their employees complete several online training courses about time management. Quickly, the owner saw a vast improvement in the operations of the business. As his staff became more efficient and their morale improved, they had no problem hitting even challenging deadlines. At the end of the year, the company’s revenue had jumped by more than 20 percent.

Employee Morale

One business owner knew that he had unhappy staff, but he had no idea why. In his mind, he genuinely thought he hired people with bad attitudes and poor work ethics. As he continued to see low production levels, a lot of mistakes, poor sales, and disgruntled customers, he realized that employee morale was at the crux of all the issues. His goal was to complete several online training courses to determine why and to learn how to fix the problem.

Through e-learning, he recognized that rarely did he do anything to reward his employees. He also understood that he had the wrong people in some positions. After finishing the various courses, he realigned a few of his staff members, and along with setting up a bonus program, he made a concerted effort to show his appreciation. Almost overnight, he saw dramatic changes. He realized the employees were not the cause, but instead, it was his lack of involvement and poor leadership skills.

The Number One E-Learning Source

While you are at liberty to use a variety of different techniques for boosting employee morale, reducing internal and external conflict, becoming more efficient, and so on, there is no question that e-learning is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Whether you want to reduce chaos at work, improve customer satisfaction, or grow the business, online training courses are essential for achieving success.

E-learning is critical, but for the best results, you need to select a trusted source. Go1 has a massive library of courses that cover just about anything you can imagine. All the courses are affordably priced and provided by professionals with in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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