Discover how Blue Ocean Concepts can take you from market-competing to market-creating

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Are you trying to outperform your rivals to grab a greater share of existing demand? Do you blame your slow growth on your market?

You could benefit from learning more about blue ocean concepts – an exciting methodology that can take you from market-competing to market-creating. 


This month, the Blue Ocean Academy is running a free webinar called Blue Ocean Discovery™ on February 28 2019.

This introductory webinar will show you how Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift are applied in multiple industries and business models and how blue ocean thinking can be useful to you in whichever field you may be in.

Throughout the webinar, you’ll discover the systematic 5-steps to making a blue ocean shift process that will help to kick-start your journey towards a blue ocean!

The webinar is targeted for users who are just beginning to explore blue ocean and want to understand more about blue ocean concepts and methodologies.

Sign up to the free Blue Ocean Discovery™ 35-minute webinar session today!

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