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Developing a learning content strategy for the modern workforce

Continuous learning is being increasingly recognised as an essential part of any workplace. But how do you do it in line with today's modern workforce? All is revealed in Episode 33 of the Go1 podcast.
Courtney Norton, Content Writer

Continuous learning is being increasingly recognised as an essential part of any workplace. While many workplace leaders will be aware that their organisation needs a learning content strategy, what they may not be aware of is what exactly an effective learning content strategy involves or how best to execute it in today's workforce.

In Episode 33 of Go1's podcast, Go1's Nick Ramsay is joined by Director of Research at Fosway Group, David Perring. Nick and David take a deep dive into everything involved in developing an effective learning content strategy for the modern workforce.

It's no longer about cost

In this section of the podcast, David Perring discusses the evolution of eLearning since he first became involved in the industry in the early 2000s. He mentions that while previously eLearning was often viewed as a cost saving measure, it has now become a central pillar for an effective learning organisation, particularly when it comes to upskilling and reskilling.

Keeping a business specific focus

Here, David goes into detail about the value of keeping your learning content customised to your business needs. He discusses how things that are high value and specific to your business may best be created by the business itself. But more generic hard skills, like Microsoft Excel and soft skills such as management skills, may be better sourced from off-the-shelf providers. The biggest point he makes during this section though is that you need to focus on the specific needs of your business and ask questions like: what outcomes are you trying to achieve and what will people value?

The rise of immersive learning

David talks about the impact the pandemic has had on learning. He believes that people have become more accustomed to digital ways of learning such as podcasts, webinars, and virtual meetings. As convenient and helpful as these formats have been, David raises the point that this can lead to digital fatigue. He believes that one of the ways to combat this digital fatigue is to make the learning as immersive as possible - whether that be through personalising the learning or taking advantage of new technologies like virtual reality.

Keen to hear more from David Perring on this topic? You can listen to the full podcast here.

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