Dealing with workplace hazards

John Sherman

Let’s not lie to ourselves – we often see problems we don’t want to deal with. Head down, keep walking. That’s the usual decision.

Unfortunately for us, that’s often not the best choice we can make. Sure, no one wants to deal with a hazard as they’re just leaving the office to head home or walking off the site for lunch. Someone else can do it!

…but what if they don’t?



Why addressing problems matter

Like we discussed earlier, no one really likes to increase their workload when they’re already busy or just about to leave work. The reason for this is usually because we think it’ll be a drawn-out process that will unravel to prove bigger than first expected. And before this course, that might have been true.

But the consequences of not reporting hazards – particularly in workplaces where dangers are already considerate, for example, laboratories or construction sites – can be severe.

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