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John Sherman

Do your employees truly know how to keep your company data safe?

In today’s world, every organization stores at least some of their important information digitally. Technology offers businesses so many more opportunities and now there’s no need to keep files and files of hard documents lying around the office.


Everything can be accessed and stored “in the cloud” these days.

However, as the use of technology in business rises, so does the risks of something going wrong. In particular, phishing scams, identity theft and third party fraud are common ways that unauthorized persons can get their hands on your important data.

Anything from customer details, employee records and financial transactions are targeted and at risk of being stolen, destroyed or used against you.

Of course, you don’t have to just sit back and wait for it to happen.

There’s lots of ways you can prevent this disaster from happening to your company. All you’ve got to do is be proactive and make sure you have proper measures in place to protect your company data.

The truth is, most data breaches can be avoided. This worst part is that a lot of employees knowingly or accidentally contribute to this risk. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should blame your employees – you’ve got to provide them with training so they understand their responsibilities.

So, this is where the starting point has to be.

It all starts with education and learning ways to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

With a data privacy and information security course like we offer here at Go1, you can make sure your employees are knowledgeable and know how to stop data breaches.

With a skilled workforce, you’ll be able to protect all of your data from outside attacks and prevent the trouble and loss of productivity that is associated with data loss. Your customers will trust your business, you will avoid financial loss and your reputation won’t be tarnished.

With the help of our course, you can make your company security system a fortress!

 The Course

This course is going to provide your employees with the resources and knowledge they need to understand and practice data protection and information security.

The content is kept interesting and will be useful for every kind of employee – from management to office employees. It will discuss the importance of data privacy and information security, as well as asset protection.

All of the information is relayed to your employees in an easy to understand way that makes it better to absorb and remember. It’s designed to be engaging so that everyone can learn.

This course will allow all employees to fully understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to protecting data at work and keeping sensitive information safe and protected from third parties and threats.

Our course is great for compliance training needs and for creating an information systems security program for your company. There’s no better way to teach employees and make sure your business information and sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

It’s easy to get started and this course can be incorporated into your LMS for simple learning. You can have your employees learning as soon as tomorrow!

Why is a Data Privacy and Information Security Course Important?

Data protection is more important now than ever before. Technology is always changing, which means that threats to your company data come in many different forms.

There’s always new malware, phishing attacks and ways that hackers are discovering to get into your information system. These malicious tactics are constantly evolving, which means you have to make sure your business keeps up.

With the installation of modern security controls along with teaching your employees all about data protection, you can make sure these threats aren’t a problem for your business any longer.

With the help of our data privacy and information security course, you can provide comprehensive training for your employees and provide them with the knowledge they need to make sure all data and sensitive information are protected.

At the end of the day, your customers trust you and this means that it’s your business’s responsibility to use every technique there is to protect their data and information. With the help of our course, your employees can learn how to do this effectively.

As we mentioned, a lot of data breaches happen as a result of employee mistakes. It’s not about pointing the blame – it’s about recognizing where there’s work to be done.

By provided training and teaching your employees their duties and responsibilities, these risks of data breaches can be minimized, if not completed eradicated from the workplace.

This way you can not only protect your customer data and employees but also your company’s reputation. You want to be known as the company that can be trusted and is serious about security and data protection – not the other way around.

Every penny spent on data protection and information security is worth it. In particular, our training course is money well spent and will make sure that you minimize your financial loss later down the line and comply with regulations.

So, it’s time to take back control of data protection. With a data protection and information security course, you can get everyone back up to speed and fully equipped on how to stay safe in this evolving technological age.

Don’t let the hackers winner – beat them at their own game and protect your company and customers once and for all!

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