‘Dare to Listen’: Part 2 of a Master Class with Joy Buolamwini

Scott Cooper

Welcome to ‘Dare to Listen’

Part 2 of a Master Class with Joy Buolamwini

Having the ability to focus and push forward is critical to success, but it’s just as important to remember to listen to those around you who are challenging your ideas, or questioning your approach, as this may be the push that you need to take your concepts to the next level!

Creating an organization is about bringing people together to work on achieving a goal, and opening yourself up to listening to those around you. This allows your team to pursue opportunities together and create a more rounded experience for everyone involved.

In this part of our Master Class, Joy discusses how being dared to listen led to her success in creating a positive eco system that allowed her community to thrive.

Do you Dare to Listen?   


You can enroll in Joy’s ‘Why Not Dare?’ course by clicking here 

Dare to listen and find out how others can help you succeed!


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