‘Dare to Ask’: Part 1 of a Master Class with Joy Buolamwini

Scott Cooper

Welcome to ‘Dare to Ask’

Part 1 of a Master Class with Joy Buolamwini

Have you ever had an idea, something you wanted to know, someone you wanted to meet, or some place you wanted go but didn’t know where to start?

At some point, we all reach the limits of our knowledge, resources, and connections. To move towards our goals we must dare to ask for what we aspire towards.

In this part of the ‘Why Not Dare?’ Master class, Joy takes a closer look into how you take a concept from an idea jotted down on a notepad, all the way through to a finished product by using the 3-S approach.

Show up
Speak up
Stand up

Find out more about how Joy’s determination and drive took her organizations from ideas, through to world changing innovations!

You can enroll in Joy's 'Why Not Dare?' course by clicking here 

To find out more about Joy, check out her Master Class Introduction

Dare to ask how you will change the world!


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