How customer training impacts your ROI

John Sherman

Do you understand the real value of good customer training?

There’s no doubt that we’re all good at putting on a smile and convincing customers our business is the right one for the job in the beginning. It’s all about communicating your value, right?



Whether you’re selling a product or service, it’s sometimes too easy to focus on getting customers on board with your business. Unfortunately, this is often where the effort stops.

A lot of organizations think now the job is done – they’ve sold the product and that’s it. Since they’ve gotten this customer’s attention, they can now move onto the next one. They think that all of the “hard” work is over.

But, for the best companies, this is only the beginning of your commitment – you’ve got to keep that customer engaged to really retain their business and make your business a success.

So, this is where the problem lies with lots of companies. They’re treating customer service like a sprint when it’s actually a marathon. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul and work your way around the entire race to make sure you get to the finish line.

What we mean is that customer service is more than just getting someone in the door. It’s about making their whole experience positive and beneficial.

This is where real customer training comes in.

Making sure you have a proper customer training program in place means that you not only profit from that one customer, but you also make beneficial steps towards more business in the future.

When you attract a customer and convince them to invest in your product or service this is simply your starting point. This is a truly critical stage and it’s important to welcome them and make sure the product appeals to them personally.

People want to know how it’s going to make their life better. Taking the time to explain about the product and its benefits will attract customers and hook them in.

But, the next stage is just as crucial as the first. You’ve got to keep your customers engaged with your product for more than just five minutes. Instead of leaving them to their own devices, continuous customer training will solve your problem.

Customer training is going to make sure your product or service isn’t forgotten about. It gives you “sticking” power.

So, what you need to do is provide customer training that explains everything about the product. It goes deep. In addition, keep customers updated on the new features and latest additions so they can use the product properly and continue to benefit from it long after the sale is made.

It’s also about showing off your product and service and how it can continue to be of use to your customer. You’ve got to show that your “widget” is still relevant so it’s not thrown in a drawer and forgotten about.

Not to mention, the last thing you want is customers dropping out on you. You don’t want your churn rate to increase – you want it to decrease.

Usually, customers leave because they don’t feel they are being treated well and they’re left in the dark without support. No customer should feel this way and if you allow this to happen, it’s going to badly affect the success of your business later down the line.

You may have their money to begin with, but you’ll not have that important return on investment you’re really looking for.

How do you stop customers from leaving? The answer is simple – customer training. Again, it’s going to make sure everyone feels that they’ve made the right decision in your product and they remain interested in using it.

Good customer training will keep the wheels turning on your ROI cycle.

What’s more, having engaged customers means less work for your customer service team later down the line. By answering all of their potential questions from the start, you can cut down the amount of support customers need.

By the way – doing this will also improve your chances of selling even more of your additional products and services along the way. This in turn will grow your business and lead to more success, which is exactly what every organization strives for.

Think about it: if your customers are happy and love the training they’re getting, why wouldn’t they look at other products and services you’re offering? It just makes good sense for them…and it means a valuable opportunity for you.

Customers are loyal when they’re well treated by businesses. Keeping your customers happy is way easier than finding new leads because they’re already invested in you and your company.

Once you’ve built this great relationship with your customers, they’ll trust you for other products too. Now that’s a never-ending ROI cycle!

Of course, customers won’t just be telling you how much they love your products and services – but they’ll also tell other people too. This is where the real benefit of good customer training pays off. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful kinds there is.

What you really end up with is a valuable brand advocate.

There’s no limit to where successful customer training can take you and your company. But, one thing’s for sure, in this case you’ve definitely achieved a massive return on your investment.

Now that we’ve given you some reasons why good customer training pays off, don’t you want to try it for yourself? While we call it the ROI cycle, it’s more of an ROI lifestyle. This is a philosophy every business can benefit from.

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