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Creating and maintaining an effective learning culture

Episode 21 of the Learning with Go1 podcast is now live! Joining us is Lars Ruud, Global L&D Partner with Wilhelmsen Group, to discuss creating and maintaining an effective learning culture.
Courtney Norton, Content Writer

We all know by now that consistent learning and development is essential for just about every industry. What may be less obvious is how to best carry out this learning to ensure participants are getting the most out of it. What are some techniques that L&D leaders in all industries can bring to their learners and how can we help learners to then apply those techniques in their everyday work?

In episode 21 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, Lars Ruud, Global Learning and Development Partner with Wilhelmsen Group, joins our host Craig Hamill to discuss effective implementation and maintenance of workplace L&D strategies.

Throughout the podcast, they share insights into their personal experience with how L&D leaders can create a learning culture that keeps participants coming back through specific techniques. They also discuss how these techniques not only help with learning but with the implementation of that learning in participants' work outside of the training.

Check out some of our favourite highlights from the podcast below.

What are the benefits of digital training?

One of the biggest changes to workplaces all over the world in recent years has been an increase in digital communication. More than just emails, workplaces are now turning to instant messaging and video conference platforms as a major means of communication, whether it be for day to day tasks or training.

In this section of the podcast, Lars goes into detail about how conducting training digitally can help eliminate some of the inefficiencies that can often occur when attempting to gather people from all over the world for training.

Using excitement as a motivator

It's a no brainer that when we are excited about a task that we are more likely to be motivated to complete that task. Lars provides insight into how we can harness technology to help bring excitement and emotion to digital training and therefore provide more benefits for the participants. Craig then shares how people that work in L&D are often very passionate about what they do and if they are able to relay that passion to the workforce, "we're on to a winner".

How do you know when you've achieved success?

We've mentioned before that L&D is something that is essential for just about every industry; it can therefore seem difficult to measure the success of L&D in a way that's as universally applicable as possible. Lars discusses this challenge and how determining this success is often easier in industries like sales where success is measurable through statistics.

"When it comes to the salespeople success stories, we have people who have officially come out and said, hey, I tried this and I finally closed the sale. And that's something that's really very powerful in terms of helping other people see that maybe I need to do something different. Maybe I need to try something new."

If you haven’t already, listen to the full podcast here to learn more.

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