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How to create free animations for your training

Traditional forms of training are slowly being phased out of the workplace. Not only are conferences and training events time consuming and expensive, but they also aren’t as effective as they once were when it comes to learning.
John Sherman

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys seminars or training where people just talk at you.

Traditional forms of training are slowly being phased out of the workplace. Not only are conferences and training events time consuming and expensive, but they also aren’t as effective as they once were when it comes to learning.

Now, there’s all new technology that’s readily available and much better for the job.

Of course, this doesn’t mean employees don’t want to learn anymore – it’s quite the opposite. But, with today’s technology, employees engage more with interactive e-learning courses that are eye-catching and interesting, rather than traditional, boring forms of training.

The most popular source of training that employees love is animated educational videos. Animation is not just for kids - the alluring voiceovers, engaging graphics and entertaining storylines have the ability to hypnotize employees and make learning fun again.

Who knew training could be so interesting?

And we know what you’re thinking – you’re worried you’ll have to hire a design team for your next training material, paying a fortune and having to wait for months on the finished product. But, you’re in luck – there’s plenty of ways to create free animations yourself!

Yes, you heard right – free! After all, we all know how important employee development is. So, let’s look at how you can get started and create free animations for your training today…

Creating Free Animations

A great place to start creating animations for employee training is vyond.com. You can try this software for 14 days and create free animated videos for your company in no time.

It’s so easy to use, you can create your first video in less than five minutes…

All you need to get started is an internet connection and you can start the process yourself, without any prior experience. Doesn’t that sound great?

You can relax and know you won’t have to pay for expensive design teams or hire any specialists to help you out.

There’s a host of easy to use tools that’ll guide you through the creation process and allow you to input all your ideas into one engaging animation training video.

Through the steps, you can add your very own characters and custom background, creating the perfect scene to get your business message across in the vibrant form of animation.

This can be anything from an office setting to an outdoor park – whatever location will allow training to become more relatable and let your employees learn from the scenario.

Let’s be honest – animation is just as fun for the creator, as it is for the audience with this software.

Next, you’ll create the voiceover for your characters, then you’re ready to go. This’ll make sure you get the important information across, just the way you want it and in a way that complements the visual elements of your animation.

In addition, you can add music and other sound effects to add the finishing touches to your animation. The choice is in your hands…

If you’re in a hurry or don’t want to customize your animation, you don’t have to! There’s plenty of templates and starters to get training video done quickly, which already have pre-set characters and backgrounds ready to use.

Once you’re happy with your animation creation, it’s ready to publish – it’s that simple. You can export it to an HD quality video and upload to your LMS, YouTube or Website instantly. Now your employees can enjoy their new training straightaway!

The Benefits of Animated Training

Creating animated videos for training purposes boasts a lot of benefits for your company.

As a creator, content is much more flexible and easy to update to keep up with changing regulations or rules. For example, if you’ve chosen to shoot your own educational videos, you can’t update them – you’ve got to start from scratch.

And let’s be realistic – the business world changes all the time and who’s got the time to constantly reshoot new training videos?

With animated training, it’s never been easier to go back and change text and edit the animation, or even start again. Forget hiring video equipment or choosing actors – all you need is a computer and some animation software.

What’s more, animated training videos are a lot more engaging than seminars and reading. They’re a rich and interesting media form that grabs an employee’s attention.

Ultimately, this will enhance the learning experience of your employees, making scenarios more relatable and ensuring the retention of information.

Not only are animated training videos more engaging, but they also allow you to explain complicated information more easily. Sometimes a visual representation is all you need to understand what somebody is trying to say.

You can create a story or scenario in animation that demonstrates an action or issue you’re trying to resolve, rather than just displaying text or statistics. This’ll have the effect of advancing employee knowledge and reducing learning time.

There you have it – how you can create impactful animation for free!

vyond.com makes it so easy to get started, with a step-by-step process. While the results of your animated video boast many benefits for your business and employees, the process is simple and stress-free.

All you need is a dash of imagination and you’ll create engaging animation videos that’ll leave your employees wanting more!

Note: Go1 is not affiliated with Vyond in any way, we just think they have a cool product! 

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