Course of the week: Stress, Anxiousness and Anxiety

Getting started with your Mental Health First Aid Kit
Erin O'Connor

When we hurt ourselves in the office, we find our friendly First Aid Officer who has a helpful kit full of band-aids, wraps, ointments, and remedies. But what about the pain caused by anxiety? Unfortunately, no such kit has previously existed — until now.

For the final workplace wellbeing course for the month of May, we've chosen to review a ViaUp course called Stress, Anxiousness and Anxiety.

This course is highly recommended, firstly, because it takes an engaging approach to training staff on what is often a complex and misunderstood issue: Mental Health.

This course empowers an organisation to be able to identify and address the causes and symptoms of anxiety by providing the tools they need to make meaningful and positive progress. After completing this course you will have a much clearer understanding of anxiety and how you can support your own mental health, plus useful strategies to support colleagues who may be suffering.

This course is also recommended, because ViaUp content is delivered via rich and interactive video format. Immediately upon enrolling in a course, you experience interactive learning of a quality unlike most other animated e-learning videos. 

Course details

The course is approximately 30 minutes, and breaks down the ViaUp Mental Health First Aid Kit into 6 different parts:

  • A Dose of Understanding: The beginning of the course looks at the symptoms of anxiety and offers a self assessment to review your own mental health.
  • Self-Care Manual: This part of the course contains a useful toolkit for you to manage your anxiety.
  • Empathy Boost- Through Their Eyes: This section looks at how to support someone with their mental health.
  • Talk The Talk: Walk through real conversations to determine how best to talk to your co-workers who you think might need help with their mental health.
  • Support For Life: The course concludes by providing different resources to support anxiety conditions.

The ViaUp Mental Health First Aid Kit is designed to benefit businesses and organisations of any size.

Each ViaUp courses is created in collaboration with relevant leading subject matter experts, to ensure the learning material is accurate and at the forefront of discussions on the subject. This course has been created based on Beyond Blue material (Australian independent non-profit organisation).

Available in Go1 Global Premium.


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Meet Viaup

ViaUp is an Australian eLearning creator who specialises in crafting engaging learning experiences through their eLearning content. They bring their content to life, to create corporate learning that resonates.  

You can now find this ViaUp course, plus more in Go1 Premium and it is accessible in all regions, with the content created for an Australian market.


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