Course of the week: 10 Minutes Managing Stress

Learning Planet's course can help employees learn how to be more mindful of stress - and manage it, when it strikes!
Erin O'Connor

Employee stress negatively affects employee wellbeing. Barriers that stop employees working to the best of their ability can lead to stress and will impact productivity and staff mental health.

In line with this month's topic of workplace wellbeing, we've chosen to review the course 10 Minutes Managing Stress created by Learning Planet.

When employees are happy and healthy, they’re engaged. Engaged employees are almost always more productive and profitable. Stressed employees, on the other hand, can become burnt-out and put their mental health at risk.

The problems of not addressing employee stress:

  • Creates a negative work culture where people aren’t encouraged or supported
  • Lower workplace energy and optimism
  • Poor communication
  • Uncertainty around job role and responsibility
  • Stress can be due to heavy workload, unrealistic deadlines
  • People with mental health conditions aren’t supported

Stress and resilience skills in the workplace can give your employees the ability to cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks you meet in the course of your life and come back stronger from them. Pressures and stressors will continue to increase with greater time management demands and workloads.

Learning Planet, via Go1, has information readily available in 1 minute and 10 minute videos to offer your employees effective stress management techniques. Why not act now and help your staff adapt to stress, while also improving your workplace culture of wellbeing?

Course details

Learning Planet has two courses that give a holistic view of stress in the workplace and how to manage it:

  • 10 Minutes Dealing with Stress
  • 10 Minutes Managing Stress

Taking just 10 minutes out of your day to do the courses will teach you strategies on how to manage stress with fun and interactive microlearning modules! Both courses look at various aspects of stress, including the body's stress response, good and bad stressors, ways to manage stress, and the flight or fight response.

Each course starts with an engaging video and then finishes with a workbook to help employee's complete their learning experience.

Available in Go1 Global Premium.


Learning Planet - Partner profile


Meet Learning Planet

Learning Planet is a microlearning video provider from New Zealand who has partnered with Go1 to offer a suite of their soft skills and personal development courses.

Learning Planet offer two types of videos for all of their training topics: 10 minute videos to teach new skills or concepts, and 1 minute ‘skill refresher’ videos that can be used to reinforce existing skills. They combine video, PDF, and workbooks to provide learners with clear, succinct training to help meet their learning needs.

We have 19 of Learning Planet’s microlearning interactives available in Premium


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