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Erin O'Connor

April: Productivity

Arriving in April, the New Year rush is over and sometimes your employees can start to lose their steam – and then their productivity lowers.

As a Human Resources Manager, you are responsible for many factors which can directly improve employee productivity; managing your recruiting, ensuring your employees bring diversity to your organisation, and encouraging employee engagement.

You are also able to equip your employees with their own tangible skills and strategies to improve their efficiency with our training. Go1 Global Premium has a range of content topics that can support employees to be more efficient in the work they do.

Check out this month's Course Category series, to find the courses we think can support your employee's productivity best.


Addressing Low Productivity with the Right Training

Employee productivity is vital to your business’s success, but productivity is complex and often misunderstood. Common misconceptions around productivity are that it is helped by employees spending more hours sitting in a cubicle or that multitasking is the answer.

Productivity should mean helping your staff work smarter and assisting them to bypass barriers to efficiency. Growing a productive workforce is complex and there are opportunities to improve efficiency just about anywhere in your company. It is worth investing into a highly productive team as you can lower overhead costs and increase revenue, and your organisation can enjoy faster time to market for products and higher customer satisfaction. As you will see, this month's suggested courses span a variety of topics, as no one solution can help staff be more productive.

Project management: delegate and plan to be your most productive

New projects take more than just an idea to get off the ground – there are a lot of moving parts for it to be successful; including a strategy, planning and execution. By working smarter, rather than harder, you’ll be able to leverage your existing resources more effectively. With Go1's project management courses, employees can gain a head start in the process and ensure that your projects are completed on time and to exacting specifications. Our Go1 project management training highlighted this month will help employees learn how to manage a project and overcome the challenges to efficiently run the process from start to finish.

​​Don’t let everyday tasks derail your productivity

Amongst all the data on barriers to productivity, one topic stands out the most: time management. Somewhat the invisible culprit, business as usual tasks can quickly derail productivity. Changing the way we do our work to improve our productivity is hard, as the processes have become habit. However although it may have worked in the past, changing your process today could make you more productive. Go1's training on time management techniques can help your employees work smarter, not harder, by giving you strategies to focus on high priority tasks by better managing your time and eliminating the time wasters in your day.

Problem solving and productivity work hand-in-hand

One of the most valuable skills you can have in the workplace is the ability to solve problems – clearly, calmly and effectively. Being able to think critically and solve for problems is important, but often in workplace it requires this to happen at lightning-fast speed! Consider sharing problems with your co-workers. The more time you spend trying to solve for a problem the harder it becomes and your mind stalls – why not ask someone how they would solve the problem to spark your creativity. Reframe the challenge or task at hand based on your past experience – this can help your mind draw on previous innovative ideas much more quickly than you would think. With our Premium highlights this month, learn how to improve your problem solving skills and be empowered to make informed decisions faster and solve problems more efficiently.

Come back next week to find more Go1 courses available in Global Premium that address this month's topic of productivity.

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