Course category of the month - February: communication

Do you want to ask your boss the right questions, easily build rapport with your team and write the best email your colleagues have ever seen?
Erin O'Connor

February: Communication

One of Go1 Premium's most popular content topics is Communication. The Go1 library offers a variety of content to help ensure all the components of your workplace communication are working together. Check out this month's course category series, to find the right communication course for you.


Typically when you think of communication in the workplace, you think of having the skills to avoid and/or mitigate conflict. Yes, those skills are important, but they only form one part of good communication skills. To maximise your employee communication skills, your learners require training in written and online communication, face-to-face communication, as well as learning communication skills to manage specific situations such as conflict, client relationships and/or project management - plus much more!

Why should you include communication courses in your training program?

Most people can agree workplace communication is very important to a business. Good communication ensures staff productivity, job satisfaction and staff morale. Communication serves two essential functions in every organisation; first, it disseminates the information needed by employees to get things done, and secondly, it builds relationships of trust and commitment.

When you browse the content tagged as communication in the Go1 library, you might notice there is a lot of content covering a lot of different topics. Traditionally, when training employees on communication, Learning and Development focuses on the "words." However, communicating is more than that and includes the writing as well as courses that cover non-verbal communication, listening, communication via social media, and more.

Where to begin?

Focus on including content that can firstly up-skill users in better sharing information (be it face-to-face or via an online means). Having the right skills and techniques can help sharing and knowledge collaboration, especially these days in the workplace employees are now communicating via emails, social media and other written means. Without the right skills, it can easily lead to misunderstandings. Help your staff make sure the messages they share are understood correctly, by including courses on written communication.

Additionally, arm your staff with the appropriate skills to manage relationships and team work. Communication between departments and team members is essential for productivity, collaboration and accountability. This can be a broad-brush content area, but we suggest focusing on (at least to begin with), the common skills employees always need. These are areas such as managing difficult conversations, how to use the right body language, and how to ask the right questions.

Depending on your business type, communication skills are critical to sales success. Here, you might also include communication content that is specific to customer-facing employees. This is a content area in itself, and should be in addition to your internal communication content, for the staff that are on the front line.

Spotlight Provider: BizLibrary

This month's spotlight is on BizLibrary.


BizLibrary is a premium provider with content available to all Go1 customers (aside from those in the US). If you need a reliable provider to cover all your workplace communication content - this is the provider for you! Their philosophy is "Better communication among employees creates a better workplace in all areas." BizLibrary has curated different series of communication content to help your learners communicate in a variety of situations.


The Business Etiquette Series is worth enrolling in. It focuses on communication via different mediums such as social media and email. With 144 courses in Go1 Premium tagged as communication, they have a variety of learning items that cover the diversity of communication skills employees need to be successful in the workplace. Courses such as their High Impact Communication Series offer action tips for your learners to takeaway and instantly improve both their writing and public speaking.

Come back next week to learn about some different Go1 providers who also have quality communication courses we think you should enrol in!

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