Configuring SCORM and TinCan files for Go1

Scott Cooper

Our system is designed to cater to the following programs that are most widely used for interactive content creation.

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline 2

To keep file sizes small, the below guidelines can be followed;

  • Keep your files small and concise - You can make as many courses/modules as you like, try to spread the content out.
  • Move your videos to YouTube and directly embed them through the LMS – This will greatly reduce the stress caused by large files.
  • Try not to use the “flashy” features to excess – This can increase the size of the file drastically and increase the time it takes to load each slide.
  • Make sure the images you are using are reduced and not full sized – there is no need for a 1+ mb image if the image is going to be restricted in size. there is no need to have a 4000 x 2500 px image when it could be reduced to 1200 x 750 px

Depending on the software you are using to build your interactive learning content, the display may differ however when you are about to publish your content, you will be prompted with a few options.

1 - You should choose the LMS option when exporting your content.

2 - When choosing which LMS Output Options, Go1 accepts SCORM 1.2 and the Tin Can API options.

3 - Finally, the Go1 LMS will report completion status of the files into the Go1 platform based on the options you choose below

a. Track using number of slides – if this option was selected, then the interactive assessment file within Go1 will only be marked as completed if your student reaches a certain slide, for example the last slide.

b. Track using Quiz result – if this option was selected, then the interactive assessment file will only be completed when the user achieves the specified pass mark within the interactive assessment file.

Note: Go1 will not report if the SCORM file has been passed or not. If it has been passed, then the Module it is located in will have its Completion Status updated (ie. from In Progress to Complete).
For Tincan files, Go1 will report the following statuses 1) In Progress or 2) Passed as well as the user’s attempt duration.

To learning how to import files into Go1, click HERE for SCROM and HERE for TinCan

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