Why communication in construction is critical

John Sherman

Although communication is critical for all industries, it is particularly vital for the construction industry. Whether you’re working on a small remodeling job or building a skyscraper, people who work in construction must have a clear line of communication with everyone they deal with inside and outside of the company.

When you think about construction, a lack of or poor communication could have a negative impact in multiple ways. For instance, this could take a project completely out of budget, it could result in a finished project that does not meet the client’s specifications, or worse, it could create a dangerous if not life-threatening situation. Of course, these are just three of many examples.

  • Budget – Before even starting a construction project, a variety of internal and external professionals come together to determine the final cost. Once the client secures the required financing, the project begins. If different groups within a construction company fail to communicate or miscommunicate, they could easily blow the budget.
  • Scope – Within the construction industry, builders must obtain various permits to work on a specific project. To get the documentation required, they must lay out their plans. If there is an issue with communication where the scope of the project changes from what the permit allows, city or county officials could stop or seriously delay the process.
  • Risk – As for risk, one small miscommunication could prove disastrous. For instance, say a construction company built a bridge, but during the process, workers miscommunicated the size of rivets and bolts, choosing something significantly smaller than mandated. Inadvertently, that company just put anyone driving over the bridge at risk.

Learning and Improving Communication

For the construction industry, there is zero tolerance for bad communication. If you have this type of business, online education is essential. With this, you can start new hires off on the right foot while helping your current workers develop better skills.

What it comes down to is that better communication leads to better construction management. For your company to complete any construction project successfully, regardless of size or type, you need a team that communicates well. In response to that, they will better collaborate on every aspect of the project.

Especially now that construction is booming, there is no time for workers to leave a job to attend school. Even night courses are not a viable solution considering that workers in this industry spend long, hard days on the job. Physically and mentally exhausted, the last thing they want to do is go home, clean up, and head to class.

Thanks to a reputable online source, you can still provide your construction team with incredible educational opportunities. Using an online forum, they can finish courses as needed on their day off or while in a relaxing home environment. Either way, they will retain the information without any problem, which they can then apply to current projects as well as project planning.

Avoid Mistakes

Since construction is complex and involves multiple players, excellent communication is crucial. Because there are so many factors and people involved, one slip-up could prove costly. Between manufacturers, inspectors, masons, electricians, drywallers, plumbers, architects, construction foreman, and everyone else involved in the construction process, you need to feel confident that your team can communicate with precision.

With the right online development videos, courses, and information, not only will your workers improve their oral and written communication skills but also their listening abilities. After all, each of these plays a vital role in construction. Even if have some workers who excel in one area or the other, you should require everyone to complete the same online education.

Risk Management

As an example, you could have all your managers or workers dealing with hazardous materials complete the same course on reducing risk by using protective gear. That ensures that all applicable parties have the same information and can communicate on the same level. As expected, that will dramatically reduce risk.

In addition to your full- and part-time employees, you should have any hired contractors also take courses online to improve their communication with your team. Fortunately, there are many excellent options available. For risk management, you could select a course that both the contractor and overseeing manager take specific to on-the-job contractor safety.

By using a trusted online source, there are endless possibilities. No matter what area you need to improve on, whether it’s safety, finance, motivation, planning, or even communication itself, this is the best way to keep your projects within budget, on scope, and void of risk.

Other Solutions

Even your top management team can take advantage of online education, learning how to better communicate and oversee small to large teams. With the best online development courses, they will gain insight into innovative processes and strategies that realign their focus and communication. Through continued learning, you will have a highly efficient management team.

No matter what area within your construction company you need help with as far as communication, you have a viable source. Easy to access and affordable to take, online education will significantly decrease misunderstandings and improve on the quality of projects.

Stop the Madness

Because excellent communication skills are so critical for the construction industry, you cannot take a chance by assuming that everyone on your team is listening and talking in an effective manner. Online education will help you avoid confusing and costly scenarios.

Since this is such a fast-paced field, there is no time to repeat instructions and information constantly. By having your crew go through online development courses, they can relay or receive messages correctly the first time. As the owner of a construction company, the last thing you want is for poor communication to undo all your hard work. Online education helps protect your business and clients.

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