How to choose the best learning environments for your team

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

As a manager, you have a responsibility to the professional development of your staff, helping members of your team to continually develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills. To do this, it’s important to know how to choose the best learning environments for your team – so each employee has the opportunity to learn in the way that is best for them.

Everyone is different. And we all learn in different ways. Recognising your own learning style and the environment you work best in is a huge factor in your own professional development. In the same way, understanding which type of learning environment suits your employees best will allow you to work with them in the most effective way, while also making the most of your L&D resources.

If you’re in a management or leadership role, you’re in an exciting position to lead the way in improving professional development in your workplace. So why not take the time to gain a better understanding of learning environments, for the benefit of your team and organisation?

Understanding Learning Environments

Thanks to technology, we’ve moved far beyond the dull days of workplace training. With new learning technologies, there are now plenty of exciting ways to help people learn, including eLearning, mobile, social and blended learning. And learning isn’t just confined to the training room.

There are many environments in which you can gain knowledge, which can be divided into four quadrants:

  1. planned, at the workplace
  2. unplanned, at the workplace
  3. planned, away from the workplace
  4. unplanned, away from the workplace

Effective learners learn in all four quadrants. So it’s wise to adapt to the future of learning and use this information to the advantage of your team.

HR managers, for example, are using a range of tech tools to improve the way they hire, onboard, train and manage employees. By investing in good learning technology, you’ll be far more likely to keep staff engaged, motivated and happy in their jobs – which is a win for both individual and organisation.

Explore Learning Environments

Keen to learn more about different learning environments for your staff?

The online course, How to Make the Best Learning Environment Choices, is a great place to start. Through this eLearning course, you’ll learn how to embrace learning environment diversity, which means offering development opportunities in a way that better meets the needs of the individual, not just the business.

Through videos, interviews and presentations from experts, you’ll learn what the future of workplace learning looks like, and discuss trends in leadership development and how workplace learning has changed.

You’ll work through the blended learning model, to understand the benefits of this practice for your employees. The course is specifically created for managers, so you’ll be given plenty of tips and tricks you can use back in the workplace to really understand and support your team.

While discovering how to identify your preferred learning style and environment, you’ll also be encouraged to experiment and try to expand your learning style, so that you can learn in other ways or environments. With the course running for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, you can cover all this in less than an hour!

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