Change the way you create online courses with inline editing

Scott Cooper

There are tools out there that let you build websites with simple drag and drop functionality, so why can’t you do the same thing with creating online courses? Now you can with inline editing!

So, how you can create online courses with inline editing?

As technology has developed over the past decade, we have seen a big switch across all areas of content creation that has made producing high quality material a lot quicker and easier to do. Tools are constantly being developed that are based around more visual elements and drag and drop functionality that allow the creator to witness their creation coming to life in real time. One of the areas that this style of technology has really taken off is in website design and development. First we saw the rise of WordPress: With their masses of themes and plugins, they made creating websites easy through the use of easy to use interface. While this was a giant step in the right direction for pushing out web design to the public, users still had to have some basic knowledge of code to be able to produce anything that looked amazing. While WordPress was a great starting point, there was a huge market out there of non-code savvy designers wanting to be able to create their own websites. Enter Squarespace.

Squarespace changed the way that we designed things on the internet forever. Their interface allowed users to use basic drag and drop functionality to build the most professional looking website. No coding necessary. The company exploded onto the scene as web designers all over the world realized that they may soon be out of a job. This was the beginning of the era that has seen creating content on the internet become accessible, no matter your technical skill level. You can now find drag and drop technology used across all aspects of content creation with companies realizing that it is the easiest way to be able to allow their entire market to use a product, without having done a stack of training courses or learning a programming language.

So why hasn’t this filtered down into the course creation and learning technology sector yet?

Well, it has now.

Inline editing is here. Learning Management System Go1 has been developing a range of new tools to make creating your online courses easier for the non-technical user. Seeing that most users are already familiar with other platforms online or social media, they have adapted a lot of the same creating and editing tools so users can start creating as soon as possible.

One of the most frustrating things when building anything online is jumping between your backend while making changes, and your front end to see how your final product will look. This isn’t a problem with Go1’s inline editing, as you can create and edit all of your content from within your front end meaning what you are seeing, is exactly how it will look to your users.

Images can be simply edited by clicking on a button on the header, and selecting a file, just as the titles can be updated by clicking and typing. Real time updates and display features make setting you your course very quick and easy to do without jumping around between multiple screens and clicking save to see the result of your work.

Adding content to your course has been simplified too! Gone are the days of flicking through pages to find out where you can upload your learning content. With inline editing you can add your SCORM or TinCan Files with the click of a button.

In your learner view you will find a button labeled  “+ ADD”; by clicking on this button you can bring up a menu displaying all of the types of continent that you can add.

These content types include:

  • Text.
  • Video.
  • SCORM.
  • TinCan.
  • Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Quizzes.
  • Workshops and more!

Just click and add your content. By clicking on any of these options you are then guided through the process required to set up your content, and then it will appear right in front of you on the page you are working from. If you already have your course content created, this means that within a matter of minutes you can now create a new course, and enroll your users. You don’t need to be a highly skilled technology expert; just a few simple clicks around you’re on your way.

This process can save hours of time in course creation and instantly allows the creator to view their work and move on to creating their next courses. As with everything on the Go1 portal, colors and logos can be set to match your company branding so your learners feel at home using the platform.

If you would like to experience inline editing for yourself, you can sign up for a free account at Go1 today.

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