Caroline Brant talks about why she joined the Go1 team

Caroline Brant

I am so excited to join Go1 as a Global Learning Strategist in the United States.

My entire career has been in learning. When I graduated with an English degree, my first job out of college was a technical writer. I researched and proofed technical articles. It turns out, these articles were for training courses and I quickly discovered a passion for learning and development.

My learning journey allowed me to travel the world working for some of the most incredible organizations. One of my most earliest memorable projects was managing the creation and delivery of Dealer Training for General Motors. Other favorite projects include developing onboarding training at Fidelity in Ireland, new hire IT training at HSBC in London and Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, and managing the team who developed the Google Cloud Platform Training team in various countries!

It’s a very exciting time for learning technology and the need for good training has never been stronger. Organizations are rapidly changing and the need for “learning in the flow of work” is absolute. Gone are the days of three week long programs. Workers need answers as they are working, and often a 5 minute tutorial will help them quickly complete critical tasks. This is what led me to Go1.

There is learning content everywhere. But, who has time to go find it? And, companies shouldn’t need to subscribe to four different content providers to get all of the training their staff needs. What impressed me the most about Go1 boils down to three things:

  1. commitment to sourcing the BEST content in the world from the top content providers
  2. flexibility to bring all of the content you need, into the technology you are already using, or have a learning portal created for you
  3. cost

This last point is a big one. Whether you have 100 employees or 100,000, the cost to bring every piece of compliance, management, IT, and health and wellness training is not a deterrent. No matter the size, all companies now have a scalable, affordable solution for delivering the best training their employees need to improve the success of the business as well as the quality of their careers.

Please reach out and tell me about your learning initiatives! Caroline.brant@go1.com

Or connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinebrant/

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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