Cable management in the workplace

John Sherman

Are cables and wires making your workspace look unprofessional?

When all your cables are mixed up everywhere, you can never find the right one when you need it. You can spend a lot of time untangling them – it’s like earphones, they always seem to get tied in a knot without realizing!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We’re all guilty of leaving cables like this for long periods of time. If everything’s working fine, it’s easy just to put off fixing them for another day. After all, you’ve got much more important work to be doing, right?

But the truth is when cables are lying around everywhere, it’s not just annoying and unorganized, it can also create a hazardous working environment for everyone.

Let’s not forget that cables and wires are electrical. If they aren’t managed properly in the workplace it means that there’s a bigger risk of fires. Plus, you can easily trip over them and pull the cable out or injure yourself.

Nobody wants that.

That’s why it’s important to teach your employees about good cable management. Having a tidy workspace is not only great for the mind, but it’s always good for keeping everyone safe and organized when they’re working. After all, you’ve got to keep on top of things!

The Course

This cable management course is suitable for anyone working with technology and electronic devices, as well as anyone working in an office space.

It’s specially designed to provide you with everything you need for employee training, with pointers on how you can become better at cable management in the future.

What’s Included

The main attraction of the course is definitely the animated video. It’s amusing and has an engaging voiceover, which employees are sure to respond positively to in training.

Plus, the videos are only a couple of minutes long, so everybody can stay focused and remain interested in the course. It’s lighthearted and doesn’t even feel like you’re working!

Plus, there’s a section outlining the inexpensive resources you can use to tidy all your wires and cables. It covers all bases.

Of course, the best part about the self-study booklet is that it includes a quick quiz at the end. This is just what you need to test your employees on what they’ve just watched and read – what a great way to summarize the course.

It really gets your employees to think about everything and how to put good cable management into practice in the workplace. You may find a few more organized desks on Monday morning!

The Content

This course highlights the dangers of poor cable management and why it’s important to have organization in the workplace. In addition, it teaches you how you can create a well-managed cable system to stay safe and make work life that little bit easier.


This section highlights why good cable management is important and although industries are different - there’s a solution for everyone.

It stresses that your safety is number one – cables can overheat and providing enough airflow between them is going to prevent this from happening. This means you’ve got to correct bunched up cables.

In addition, this will avoid broken cables that cause sparks and can lead to fires. Not to mention, cables lying everywhere means that you’re at risk of falling over and hurting yourself or others.

Plus, if you don’t know where the wires lead to because they’re all mixed up, you can unplug the wrong one and risk something going wrong. For example, losing the work on your computer.


In this section, you can learn how to have an organized cable system once and for all in four simple steps. The first step is to hide the power source and get extension cables out of the way.

Second, group your cables together and then make them shorter with cable wrappers.

Third, if you aren’t using any cables that are lying around then it’s time to put them somewhere else. You can put them under your desk or attach to the wall with tape so you know they aren’t being used.

Wire and Cable Management – Summary

This last topic rounds up the course and makes sure everyone can have their wires and cables organized with some top tips.

This includes shortening cables and hiding the power sources, as well as taping down or fixing excess wires. In addition, you can invest in some cable ties to keep everything together and electrical tape.

Plus, these are tips you should share with others so everyone can have a tidy and safe workspace too.

Why is a Cable Management Course Important?

Once you know how to tidy up your workplace and organize your cables and wires, there’s no doubt you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. How many times have you looked at your cables and thought you’ll sort them out tomorrow?

This course will give you the reminder you need to get into gear and sort out all your cables now.

By teaching you easy and inexpensive ways to sort everything out, you can make sure your workplace is not only tidy and organized, but it’s also free from any potential hazardous – you won’t have your wires crossed!

Everyone wants a safe working environment – now you can do your bit.

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