Why all businesses should have off-the-shelf professional development training

John Sherman

We never stop learning – so why should your employees?

Every year, companies are spending millions of dollars on professional development training. Every organization can now see the value in investing in their employees and it’s become an important business strategy for the future. After all, learning is a lifelong process, right?


However, the delivery of professional development training itself is also changing. E-learning is taking over the office and businesses are opting for off-the-shelf training courses to deliver the goods.

Sure, customized content might seem like it has its advantages. But, off-the-shelf courses are just as good, if not a better option for small and medium-sized businesses – the best thing is it’s all ready to go!

We use pre-created content every day in the office – from Microsoft Office to Adobe Reader. So, why not off-the-shelf e-learning courses for professional development training?

Let’s find out about the main benefits of off-the-shelf training and why all businesses should use it for professional employee development.

You Can Save Money

Let’s face it, in the business world, keeping your spending costs down is always near the top of the priority list, especially for small and medium-sized organizations.

This is where off-the-shelf training programs come in – you can provide informative and engaging training content for your employees at half the price of customized training programs.

You don’t have to worry about hiring consultants, designers or experts to create a course – this is already done for you and available for one great price! off-the-shelf training courses actually help businesses to stretch their budget further and get value for their money.

Since employee development is ongoing and organizations should be encouraged to continue providing new sources of learning, off-the-shelf training courses provide ready-made options to add to your LMS anytime – even when you’re on a tight budget.

What’s more, technical support, maintenance and updates are usually included without any extra cost – great!

Training That’s Ready to Go

When you want to start new employee development courses in your company, you don’t want to wait another few weeks to begin training.

When you choose customized training, you’ve got to choose the courses, create the content, contribute to the design process and wait the course to be tested and verified. This all takes time that businesses simply don’t have to waste.

But, with off-the-shelf courses, you can have training right when you need it. The content is available immediately after purchasing – all you have to do is download and add it to your LMS. Accessing quality training content has never been easier or faster!

Off-the-shelf training courses means you can have videos, materials and exercises right at your fingertips. All you have to do is add new courses to continue employee development – there’s no need to start from scratch, design and test new courses. It’s already out there.

What’s more, you can say goodbye to attending expensive and time-consuming training events. Now you don’t have to schedule time out of the office and you can have the courses come to you.

You can pick and choose the modules that you want to incorporate into employee training and they can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Choices of Courses

The great thing about off-the-shelf training programs is that there’s a never-ending list of courses that are available.

From programs that help employees pass exams, such as the Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Course, to more general guidance on How to Understand Customer Needs – there’s something for every organization and to gear towards individual business goals.

In addition, every course is different and provides a wealth of ways to train employees.

This can include informational content in the form of videos and quizzes, as well as games and reading – you can choose whatever course is going to contribute to your vision of employee development and help them build valuable skills for the future.

Yet, it’s not just small and medium-sized businesses that can benefit from off-the-shelf courses - they are also great for large organizations that have several different departments.

Instead of prioritizing certain teams, you can provide training options for everybody and give everyone the same opportunity to learn and develop their skills with ready to go courses.

Quality Learning Sources

Let’s not forget that off-the-shelf eLearning courses are great ways for employees to learn and develop their skills. Why create your own content when there’s plenty of quality sources out already that you can choose?

The content in off-the-shelf training courses is created by experts in the field and with many programs, you’ll find a wealth a videos, exercises and quizzes to suit everybody’s style of learning and keep employees engaged with training.

After all, company logos and branding may look nice, but professional development training should always be about providing quality content and providing employees with useful information.

What’s more, since off-the-shelf programs can be used by everybody, they are tried and tested, guaranteeing customer satisfaction – you’ll never be disappointed!

There you have it – the benefits of off-the-shelf professional development training!

The most important parts to take away from this article is that off-the-shelf training courses provide tried and tested quality content for your business, with a range of different topics and course areas to choose from.

In addition, you can access this content almost instantly after downloading. No delays, messing about or waiting around – you can start your professional development training today!

And who can forget, you can also save money in the process. Does it get much better than off-the-shelf training?

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