The benefits of using eLearning for apprentice training

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Apprenticeship programs allow workers to acquire the skills and knowledge they need in their field, while bringing a number of business benefits to employers.

As an employer, you’re responsible for providing your apprentices with employment for the duration of their apprenticeship. You also need to ensure you have the right resources to deliver effective work-based training and development to each apprentice.


How do you train the apprentices in your organisation? Or how do you plan to provide training, in your new apprenticeship program?

Traditionally, apprentices would learn through face-to-face, hands-on training and mentoring. These days, thanks to technology, more companies are using online training methods as part of their apprenticeship program.

Here, we look at the benefits of using eLearning to deliver high-quality training and development to apprentices.

Online learning – flexible, engaging and cost-effective

Online learning is a great way to make sure your apprentices are acquiring the right type of skills and knowledge. In fact, many companies, large and small, have switched to eLearning for staff training, as an alternative to traditional teaching methods.

The best thing about eLearning is that training is no longer confined to the classroom or conference. With eLearning, individuals can log into online training courses and modules whenever they like, wherever they like. Many online courses are also able to be accessed through mobile-friendly apps and devices, making eLearning even more convenient for users.

You might also be pleasantly surprised to see just how cost-effective eLearning is for your business. eLearning can save you considerable amounts of money in comparison to traditional training methods. By using online materials to train your staff, you’ll eliminate costs such as trainer and speaker rates, conference or room hire, staff transport and catering. And when you make changes and updates to your learning materials online, there is also no need to re-print materials, making eLearning not only cheaper but also greener!

Choose from off-the-shelf or fully customisable eLearning courses

Keen to learn more about how online training can work for your apprentices, and your business?

With eLearning, you can choose between off-the-shelf courses, or a customised online training program. Off-the-shelf eLearning courses are those that are already created, easy to purchase and ready to roll out to your apprentices, making them a great solution for training in subjects such as onboarding, compliance and workplace safety.

You also have the option of creating your own customised, tailored training program, with bespoke eLearning courses that have been designed for the specific needs of your apprentices. Using the Go1 platform, you can quickly and easily compile your own custom content for apprentice training. The eLearning tool also allows you to upload existing training materials, supporting a wide range of files and making course creation even easier.

Provide real world experience for apprentices

Christopher Pappas, founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, recommends incorporating real world examples and case studies into your apprentice training program, to allow employees the chance to see how everything they've learned can benefit them in the workplace.

Pappas believes eLearning is the best way to provide apprentices with a broad range of online training resources. “From interactive scenarios and serious games to virtual presentations, employees have access to a variety of online resources,” he says.

With eLearning, apprentices can “login to the online training platform and immediately view product information, task tutorials, and skill-based simulations.” In this way, apprentices are getting the personalised online training they need, regardless of their preferences or learning needs.

Create clear, consistent training materials

When you start using eLearning, you’ll have peace of mind that all your training content is consistent – in terms of branding, strategic direction and writing style. Each apprentice will have access to the same materials, regardless of their geographical location. This has a significant advantage over classroom learning, in which content may differ greatly depending on the delivery of each trainer.

In addition to this, eLearning content can easily be updated at any time. You’ll save time and money on updates to training content, as you simply make any changes online and publish immediately across the system. This provides your company with a long-lasting online training solution that you can continually revise, update, and use for years to come.

With such easy-to-use online course creation, you can have fully branded, customised training materials ready to roll out to your apprentices in no time.

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